Wood Shed Plans: Complete Guide

Wood Shed Plans
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Wood sheds are extremely useful – most of us imagine our dream house as being spacious, a place where our dreams come true, and we can pursue our hobbies. Wood sheds can be used to store gardening tools, to keep our domestic animals or purely to pursue our hobbies, such as tinkering and art.

They can be made of various materials, but most garden sheds are made with wood as the best choice for multiple reasons. Keep reading for more insight into wood shed plans and also don’t forget to check out My Wood Shed Plans for a professional take on this. Let’s get into it.

Why is a Shed Useful?

While sheds can be customized to match everyone’s needs and tastes, most of them are built with two specific requirements in mind. First, it can be smaller in size, more economical from a financial perspective, and can quickly and easily be assembled.

The most common use of small sheds is to store tools or any materials which cannot be stored inside for safety purposes, such as gas or chemicals.

A larger domestic shed has extended use. For instance, you can choose a large working area if you need space to pursue your hobbies – such as repairing or building items.

These types of sheds require a professional plan, and they can be customized to include electrical outlets, windows, ventilation, and other features. Such wood sheds make great spaces for relaxation and outdoor offices as well.

Here are a few different ways that a wood shed can be of use to you:

  • To store your bike or small-sized vehicles
  • To store wood – for heating or constructions
  • To store materials for building and gardening
  • For entertainment and relaxation – it can be part of your outdoor design

To fulfill different objectives, wooden sheds can be made of different types of wood:

  • Plywood – one of the cheapest and easiest to assemble types of wood
  • Pine – also one of the most affordable materials available
  • Douglas Fir – main advantage is the dimensional stability
  • Redwood – more resistant to fires and durable
  • Cypress – resistant to rot
  • Cedar – resistant to wood-eating bugs
  • Larch – has a high content of resin

Shed Plans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Wood Shed

Why should you choose a wooden shed instead of a metal or plastic one? First, wooden sheds are easy to personalize as they are more versatile than both metal and plastic.

Additionally, if you are concerned with the look and design of your garden, no need to be anymore – a wood shed is also better looking compared to metal or plastic, and it can be personalized either for a vintage look or a more modern design, suitable for any need or taste.

Another perk of wood sheds is that they are stronger than plastic and they are resistant to wind or unfavorable weather which might easily blow away your plastic shed or damage it. Additionally, wood sheds can be easily customized to include home accessories such as windows and anything else you might have in mind, compared to both metal and plastic.

Furthermore, if you decide to expand or modify your shed, the wooden one can be easily changed according to plan, unlike plastic and metal, which will be difficult to modify without compromising the whole structure. Lastly, unlike metal and plastic, wood can be easily built using standard tools, without anything specialized being required.

On the disadvantage side, there are a few aspects which need mentioning before deciding whether you need a wood shed or not. For instance, wood sheds need maintenance to keep their looks, such as painting — however not so frequent. They can rot if you live in a humid environment without appropriate ventilation. Lastly, it is more expensive than plastic or metal sheds.

Overall, you can see why they tend to be more expensive – they look better, and they last longer. If you are looking for temporary storage, probably metal or plastic shed is a better option. If however, you need permanent high-quality storage, a wooden shed would be the best choice. For professional wood shed plans, check out My Wood Shed Plans.

How to Create a Shed Plan for Beginners

If you decide you still want more insight into how to create your own shed plan or you enjoy experimenting, there will be a few things you need to consider when making your shed plan. That’s correct – the most challenging part of building a wood shed is not the construction itself, but the plan.

Many available blueprints are not even realizable, not to mention all the hard work and use of materials. So take your time and have a look over the next hints and tips.

Design the construction of your shed

How many walls? Any windows included? Make sure you note down all doors, windows, walls, including foundation.

Construction steps

Decide where you should start with your building. You can do this by creating diagrams rather than lengthy explanations. These diagrams will be useful when you start building the shed.

Create lists

Both for materials, you need to purchase such as how much wood, nails (number, size), screws, and the required tools, such as a hammer, saws, and supports.


You need an exact list of measurements for your materials, especially wood. Screws and others might come in different sizes, but the wood planks will be purchased in standard sizes, so you need a step-by-step explanation of all the sizes and measurements you need to finish your construction.

Don’t forget the details

What about the interior? A good wood shed plan includes considerations of interior features, such as workbenches or shelves where you can store your materials.


Finally, do not forget about the roof unless you want all the rain to wash your belongings and damage them. Make sure you design it well and provide all the necessary measurements and materials to fit the wood shed design.

Wood Shed Plans

What to Consider Before Building a Wood Shed

Apart from the wood shed plans themselves, there are also other essential aspects you need to consider before starting. Having a well-made plan following the steps above will be of significant help to you – however, there are also other factors to take into consideration.

Check building regulations

To create a new building in your own garden, you need to consult your local authorities for the required permits to do so. If you fail this, you might face lawsuits or fines.

There are also certificates involved; for instance, if you require electrical outlets, you need authorized electricians to come and check your shed, also in case of water or gas. If you have a deed for your property, make sure no requirement forbids you to make alterations or new buildings – they are often listed on the deed itself.

Mind the environment

When planning your wood shed, you need to be considerate of your environment and weather. Is it extremely hot, cold, rainy, or does it snow? These factors can alter your plan. For instance, gutters can be used to direct rainwater and melting snow.

Ventilation should be used if summers are very hot. Exposing your wood shed plan to harsh weather conditions without considering them in the planning can directly lead to building destruction. If you live in an extremely humid environment, you might want to find protective paints for the wood so that no fungi can grow on the wood.

Thorough plan 

Lastly, you need to wrap all of these ideas up in a well-designed step-by-step plan. Be mindful of your budget and do not overstretch it, or avoid buying the cheapest products on the market as they will compromise the longevity of your wooden shed.

Common Mistakes

Despite these guidelines, people often fail to account for some features. Here is a short description of common errors and how to avoid making them.

Underestimating project timing

It is quite common for people to underestimate the needed completion time for any building or project they haven’t done before. Failing to account for time delays – for instance, personal issues, poor weather for building – can further pressure your finances and most people even give up, wasting all the time and materials used until that step.

Wrong measurements

Most people also underestimate measurements, which most likely will result in an uncomfortable, low ceiling. Ideally, consult a professional or have your measurements checked before starting your building, as modifying your shed to have a higher ceiling will incur high costs.

Another common mistake is that, when deciding on measurements, most people fail to take into consideration the stored materials – for instance, if you plan to store pipes or any extra tall/long products, motorbikes or others, take the tallest one as a guideline and even add more inches to it.

Forgetting details

When people design their sheds, some details are entirely forgotten. One of the best pieces of advice is to stick to personalized needs, particularly those concerning the environment and weather.

Failing to add protective paints and coats to the wood can result in early damage, such as exposing it to termites. The protective coatings are also necessary to make it durable and have a good look and give a pleasant finish to the wood.

Crooked sheds

Mismanagement of measurements, even just half an inch, can result in a crooked building, which is unstable and unsafe for you and anyone else. Most people make this mistake when building the foundation or the studs. These should be uncompromised and completely straight. Otherwise, the foundation and the frame of the wood shed is in danger of collapsing.

The Shortcut to Success

Failing to make a perfect plan for your shed can result in financial losses and a shed that is not aesthetically pleasing. But most importantly – they can be unsafe for you and your family if you do not have the right measurements and consider all the factors.

Luckily, there is a shortcut. Well, not a shortcut, but an easy way to have your plan designed as you wish, and all you need to do is follow the easy, step-by-step instructions.

The professional woodworkers at My Wood Shed Plans can help you eliminate the guesswork, wondering about the right measurements and what goes where. The point is – since you want to invest your time and money in building your own shed, why not be successful from the first try and without any time delays?

A perfect wooden shed plan includes a lot of factors. For instance, you will benefit from a full view of the final building – most of us will realize as we go along that we try to make a design on a paper and the final product looks completely different. This is because we fail to account for all the angles and details – no need to worry about this anymore!

Another reason why you would want to check out My Wood Shed Plans is that you get simplified instructions, making shed building as easy as child’s play with Legos — no technical jargon and no confusing or contradicting instructions. All steps are perfectly combined and make sense; you will see your dream shed coming to life step by step.

Additionally, you will also benefit from a complete and exact list of materials and measurements. That’s correct — you don’t need to worry that you forgot to account for some extra screws or even forgot to add some essential tools. What is best is that you can avoid over- or under-spending on your materials because you get exactly the amount you need for each product.


Overall, a shed is a must-have for any house owner. They are extremely useful in many situations — but building it causes some serious issues and a lot of time, planning and problem-solving and in the end will result in some delays because you failed to account for materials or the measurements are slightly wrong.

No need to worry anymore — My Wood Shed Plans will help you build the shed of your dreams in easy steps and offers you a full guide to it.

Shed Plans