Why You Need a Shed Base for Your Home: A Quick Guide

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Adding improvements to your home is an excellent way to increase its value. There are many improvements that you can add, such as a shed. Sheds are a good investment because they offer overhead protection for a part of your home’s exterior. However, before getting a shed, a shed base must be made first. As the name suggests, it’s the base where your shed will be installed.

So, what exactly is there to know about sheds and shed bases? We list all of the relevant information down for you. Read on below to learn more.

A Brief on Shed Bases

Sheds can’t stand on their own, which is why shed bases are installed beforehand. You might think that just installing a shed will be enough, but the structure will be exposed to various elements, especially weather that can cause wear and tear. Without a proper foundation, your shed can quickly collapse.

Simply put, shed bases act as support for your shed. In some cases, though, you may not be required to have a base shed—if there’s a concrete area in your home’s exterior that can accommodate the shed, it can work just as long as it’s on a level surface.

On a related note, decks might seem like an ideal shed base, but it’s not always a good idea to do so because the deck might not be able to support your shed’s weight. Aside from that, you might even overpay because you’re going to have a deck installed just for a smaller shed. If you do plan on going through with having your patio as your shed base, make sure that it’s leveled.

Alternative Base Options

If you don’t plan on getting a permanent shed base, wooden bases are recommended. Wooden bases are available in almost any size and shape, which can be laid on grass. If the area where it will be put is uneven, it has to be dug out first to even the ground before applying the base. If digging is too much, you can get ground spikes from hardware stores. These ground spikes will help with leveling the base.

Additionally, a plastic base is also good to use on grass. Like other bases, the ground must be leveled before you place it. It also comes with a membrane that you can place before putting the base itself. This membrane helps stop weeds from growing through your shed base.

Shed Base Installation

A shed base comes in separate grids. The number of grids you get depends on the size of the shed base that you got. 

When installing a shed base, you will need the following:

  • Scissors or a knife
  • Tape measure
  • Pegs
  • Spirit level
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • String

Once you have all of these materials, it’s time to get to work on the installation:

  1. Mark the area where you want your base to go, using the pegs and string. This will significantly help, especially if you’re not sure where to place your base.
  2. Use the spirit level to measure how flat your chosen area is. You can also use the rake to move any soil that needs moving. 
  3. Dig out a recess of at least 65mm deep for the base to rest in. If the ground is already level, skip this step.
  4. Once the ground preparation is complete, lay down your plastic weed membrane. The pegs will be used to secure it in place until the grids of the base are installed.
  5. Connect the grids and place them over the membrane. Once in position, you can now trim parts of the membrane if you want.
  6. Your base is now ready to be built on, but you can also add pea gravel to the grids. While this step is optional, pea gravel can help with drainage and make your shed base even more solid.


Sheds are a good investment for your home, but it’s best to invest in a shed base first. Sheds without bases are more prone to damage, and building on shed bases eliminates most chances of breaking.

Wooden sheds are the most common choice for homeowners because they are low-maintenance and cheap. Most homes can get one, even yours. If you’re looking for wood shed plans, Shed Mechanics has got you covered! We offer various tips and tricks when it comes to shed installation. If that doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to reach out.