5 Creative Ways on How to Convert Your Outdoor Shed

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When you think about a garden shed, the first thing that comes to mind is garden tools and equipment storage. But the truth is these garden buildings don’t have to be so predictable. With the right design and creativity, an ordinary shed can transform into an attractive accessory to your home or a beautiful multi-functional space. 

If you’re looking for shed inspiration, check out this roundup of some of our favorite shed conversions.

Home Spa  

Have you ever thought about transforming your garden shed into a home spa? If you’re looking for a space that’s relaxing, peaceful, and rejuvenating, then your shed can be a great starting point.

To create a home spa, you need to have a cozy, comfortable, and soothing environment. First, invest in new flooring for the shed. Vinyl tiles or wood will work best for this purpose. Next, repaint the walls white or green to give off a fresh, zen feeling.

Clear the shed from all old or unused tools. Replace them with soothing garden accessories like flowers, herbs, or plants. Finally, fill the room with bamboo or rattan furniture to tie the space together. 

Game Room

Your shed doesn’t only have to be a place to store your tools. It can also be a cool getaway if you think outside the box.

If you have young kids or teenagers, one way to spice up your shed is by turning it into a game room. Install a pool table, dart board, video game console, or foosball table. You can even install a mini bar or a mini fridge that’s connected to the house’s regular kitchen.

This imaginative idea will keep the kids busy while letting them have the freedom to play outside. It’s a win-win solution for parents and kids alike.

Vacation Rental

Have you ever wondered if your home could generate additional income? If you have a spare room or an extra shed, turn it into a vacation rental.

If you live in a tourist-friendly area, you can convert your shed into a vacation home. For example, if you live in a beach state or near a ski resort, you can rent your rooms out to vacationers looking for a weekend getaway or a place to stay during the holidays.


If you have a room in your house that you’re not using and you don’t want to redecorate it, why not convert it into a home gym?

Maybe you’re a busy professional who wants to stay healthy but doesn’t have time to hit the gym. If this is your case, think about converting your shed into a home gym.

You can purchase a gym equipment kit or build your own gym to store your workout essentials. Additionally, you can install mirrors in your shed to help you view your entire body while exercising.

A shed home gym is also a great option for storing personal items like your clothing and shoes. This allows you to keep your home’s main rooms clutter-free while giving you a space to store your gym clothing and other workout essentials.

Retro Room

If you’re looking for ways to turn your shed into a hidden gem, then you can consider adding vintage accents to the space. For example, have you considered adding a retro cabinet?

Old suitcases or coffee tables can add instant curb appeal to your shed. You can opt to repaint them a bold color like red or blue. Re-cover the seats with new fabric or leather to add some depth to the piece.

For a more streamlined retro look, convert your shed into a bar. Install an old fashioned telephone, chalkboard, or even an old gramophone inside to give the space an overall vintage look.


Sheds don’t have to be used for storing tools and cleaning supplies only. If you have an old shed that you’re no longer using, consider transforming it into something more functional and wonderful that you and your family could enjoy

Shed Mechanics offers different wood shed designs perfect for you to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. Let us help convert that unwanted shed into a useful and attractive feature of your property. Contact us today for a free consultation.