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Unique Ideas to Make Your Garden Shed Indistinguishable

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Garden sheds are wonderful backyard add-ons that can improve upon the aesthetics of your property. For some, however, they don’t want to make their sheds stand out for many reasons. 

For example, your home design, including the backyard, might be following a certain theme, and however your look at it, a garden shed just doesn’t fit the overall look. The problem is that you need the shed to store essential equipment or to use as a workshop; therefore, you really can’t opt-out of having one. In that case, you’ll need a wood shed design that will not make it stand out as much and have it blend in the background.

For that reason, we created this guide on how to make a wood shed in your garden as indistinguishable as possible:

1. Choose a mild color

While this might seem obvious, it can be pretty difficult to achieve and pick the right color that doesn’t stand out as much. Picking the right color for your shed is important and it will depend on the look of your backyard or garden, especially if it is surrounded by flower-bearing plants.

A general rule in terms of color is that earth brown can easily help eyes shift their focus onto something more noticeable. That said, there can be more effective colors like red for when your backyard is filled with tomatoes or red flowers. When your backyard is filled with a rainbow of colors, you’ll want to go for subtle colors like cream or terracotta. Think of it like painting flowers on a smooth and clean canvass.

2. Place it away from focal view

When positioning your garden shed, you want to try and put it as far away from the first thing the eyes see. To test this, try to identify the focus of your backyard when you step into your backyard. If the garden shed is the first thing you’ll see, then you’re going to have to pick a spot where it’s more indistinguishable.

A good strategy is to place it at the corner nearest to the backyard entrance. This way, you’re making sure that the first colors that bless your eyes are your flowers, plants, etc.

3. Cover it with plants

Lastly, you can use this strategy to not only conceal the shed but also to add to your backyard’s floral wonder. Surround your garden shed with plants to make it blend in. Think of it as a ghillie suit for your garden extension. By covering it with vines or placing orchids around it, the natural look of the shed will not stand out as much, and the plants that wrap around it will help in the beautification of your backyard.

Your choices are not limited, and you can go for towering plants as well. In short, feel free to be creative.


Garden sheds are amazing home extensions. They are useful for various things and make great use of space in the backyard that will otherwise not be utilized. The only issue is that they can take away all the attention from the backyard, which not everyone wants. If you don’t want your garden shed to stand out as much, then follow this guide and try different things for higher chances of success.

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