Turn Your Shed into a Pallet Bar: A How-To Guide

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Garden sheds were primarily used as storage for gardening tools and other equipment. However, now, they can serve other purposes as they can now be turned into any space you desire depending on your taste, needs, and preferences, such as an extra bedroom, hobby room, home gym, home office, and more. Best of all, they can be built without any hassle by following easy woodshed plans.

Aside from the spaces mentioned above, you can turn your shed into a pub or bar. This is perfect for when you are planning to build your own man cave where you and your buddies can drink and hang out. To learn more about how you can transform your woodshed into a pallet bar, read the steps below.

Step 1: Pry all the pallets apart

Converting your shed using DIY woodshed plans into a pallet bar gives your space a timeless rustic look. 

The first step to building your dream bar is by taking apart all the pallets. To protect yourself from getting splinters and have a more efficient and easier work process, make sure to wear gloves and use a metal crowbar. 

Step 2: Screw the boards in place

Lay all the pallet wood on the floor. You may consider painting the wood according to your style and preference to add a pop of color to your bar and match the interior of your place. You can then mix and match the various sizes and shades of the wood to create a stylish look. Screw the boards in place to create the sides and foundation of the bar with an electric screwdriver.

Step 3: Line the ceiling

To line the ceiling efficiently, you can ask for help from another person as this task is easier done with two people.

Measure your desired ceiling length for your bar. Cut the amount of wood according to your needs and preference and add at least five centimeters to its length. Nail the wood in place securely afterward.

Step 4: Building the bar

Place the two identically sized pallet wood together and secure them firmly by screwing them together. Place them in the bar and make sure that they fit. Afterward, measure and cut out wood to place on the top and sides of the bar. Make sure that the entire bar is sturdy and stable.

After building the bar, you may customize it according to your taste. You can make shelves using leftover blocks of wood to make your pallet bar more functional. Also, you can decorate it by decoupaging the top of your bar using old glossy magazines and glue. You can even add some bar paraphernalia and other accessories such as LED lights, disco lights, or solar lights to turn your dream pallet bar into reality.


Creating your pallet bar out of your old wooden shed is easy by following the mentioned steps above. On the other hand, when you are not handy in woodwork and you opt to turn to a professional instead to build your dream pallet bar, make sure to reach out only to experienced experts.

Meanwhile, you can build your own shed from scratch using our woodshed building plans. Check out My Shed Plans today to see how we can help.