Important Things to Consider When Building Your Own Bar Shed

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A bar shed relocates the man cave from the house to the backyard, providing more manly privacy. It is an excellent way to repurpose an old shed, or any other old wooden structure, in the backyard. If you have the right design in mind, you can create a wonderful space for socializing and gathering with friends.

Although it will require some effort, as long as you have a shed to fill, you will have a ready-to-go backyard bar shed. With a few glasses, a few bottles of liquor, a few mixers, and an ice freezer, you can transform your pre-existing garden shed into a fantastic backyard bar setup.

It’s always a good idea to consider converting your garden shed into a bar if you’re looking to create a space that’s a haven from the daily grind. A backyard bar can quickly fulfill either of these objectives: whether you are a home microbrewer looking to share your craft with friends and neighbors, or you want an outdoor social gathering spot. 

Here are a few tips for you to follow in building your very own bar shed.

1. Organize and Declutter Your Garden Shed

To begin converting your garden shed into a bar, remove all gardening tools and fertilizer. Remove any chemical residue or presence of bugs and pests, as these are things you don’t want interfering with your bar once it’s open. A new coat of paint will also aid in the transition. Complete your prep work with a thorough dusting and sweeping of your shed.

Also, think about what theme you want to incorporate into your shed and whether to keep the existing features or remove them. Consider how you will secure your shed. Consider whether you need a door or if you can leave the shed open.

2. Create a Unique Bar Design

Do you want to use your bar shed for something other than entertaining guests? Room dividers and other personalized features can make your shed have a more diverse layout. One-half of the partitioned space, for example, could be used as a pub shed, while the other half could be used to store lawn care equipment.

Determine the location of an inside bar, leaving enough space behind or to the side for shelves and at least three feet between counters for the bartender’s work area.

3. Note Some Final Detailing Works

Choose indoor seating, including stools, sofas, or a mix of the two. Consider hanging a television screen and a pool table to create the ultimate entertainment shed for your friends! 

Additionally, a music system and some lighting would be useful inside the bar so you can see what you’re doing.

Your guests will appreciate the good music blasting from your phone’s song playlist while socializing outside the bar. The lighting will also set the mood if you have a night party. Remember that you have the freedom to make the best out of your personal man cave!


As time passes, you will undoubtedly discover ways to raise your bar, but these basic steps will get you started. After all, a bar shed’s purpose is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for you and your friends. 

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