The Cheapest Way to Build a Shed

The Cheapest Way to Build a Shed
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Building a shed can sometimes be a little bit expensive. However, if you apply a few tips and tricks, you can drastically lower the expenses and make the process of building a shed more affordable. In this guide, we will explain to you how to build a shed if your budget is low.

Also, be sure to check out the My Shed Plans site before you start building a shed. They offer more than 12,000 shed plans at a very affordable price, making it the offer that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

There are a few important tips that you should know before you start building a shed. It will drastically affect the total price, and if you know what you are doing, you can get similar results with much less money spent. We are sure that this guide will help you out.

Tip 1: DIY

This is the first thing that should be mentioned if you want to build a shed on a budget. Especially if you have some woodworking experience, this will save you lots of money.

The fact is, on average, it will cost around $22.85 per square foot to hire a professional contractor. Therefore, if you want to build a 10x12 shed, it will cost you about $2,750, plus the price of the materials, and this is just too much. If you can do it yourself, you will save a lot.

Also, there are many great shed plans on the My Shed Plans website, which will make the job a lot easier for you. However, when buying plans online, you should go for a premium version if you are a beginner in woodworking since every bit of info can be useful.

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Tip 2: Foundation

When you are building a shed, there are a few different foundations that you should consider. At first, there is a concrete slab. If you choose the one that is 4 inches thick, it will probably last even longer than the actual structure. However, this option is very costly. Then, you might want to choose a concrete footing, which is also pretty strong, but a bit expensive.

On the other hand, there are deck blocks, which are very affordable and provide good support. However, they will require some maintenance after a few years. In the end, there are skids. They are the cheapest foundation and can save you hundreds, or in some cases even thousands of dollars.

Tip 3: Materials

Materials are one of the first things that directly affect the cost of building a shed. There are a few essential tips that everyone should know when it comes to materials.

For example, when you are framing a shed, kiln-dried lumber is cheaper than pressure-treated lumber, but on the other hand, pressure-treated lumber is much better. It will cost you an extra $1.80 for a single stud, so it doesn’t make a huge difference when it comes to price.

If you want to save money, another great thing that you can do is to do a little bit of research on different lumber retailers and wholesalers. You should note that independent lumber yards, for example, usually offer the lowest prices because you can barter with them when purchasing more items at once.

Also, you can save lots of money by buying used windows and doors. If you find used material that is in good shape, it can save you a decent amount of money. When you do the cleaning and painting, sometimes, you can hardly tell the difference between used and new materials.

Note that there are big box stores that have universal pricing models, but offer between 10 and 15 percent discounts for senior citizens.

The Cheapest Way to Build a Shed

Tip 4: Roofing Material 

A great way to save money and still have excellent water protection is to use a three-tab asphalt shingle. They can usually be bought for around $100 per square, which is a significant investment as they offer excellent water protection.

Tip 5: Siding Material

Siding a shed can get pretty expensive if you are considering tongue and groove boards or sheathing covered with Typar.

A great solution might be to use T1-11 plywood, which is great for siding the shed. It’s still a bit expensive, but it is much cheaper than the first-mentioned choice. T1-11 plywood is a high-quality material that is also visually very nice. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the way it looks, you can always paint it in any color that you want.

More Useful Tips

When it comes to framing materials, pressure-treated lumber is the best choice. The fact is, pressure-treated lumber has that specific green/brown look which is created with particular chemicals. These chemicals are excellent at stopping the insects and water from entering. Of course, you don’t want termites to get into the wood and dig tunnels on the inside.


These are the most useful tips that you can apply when building a shed if you don’t want to spend lots of money. As you might have noticed, choosing the right materials is the most important thing to consider. However, don’t always go for a cheaper solution.

For example, when it comes to constructing a sub-floor, you should always construct it with pressure-treated lumber, since underneath of the sub-floor is always affected by insects and moisture from the ground.

If you are looking for a shed plan, you should always buy the extended or premium version since it will provide a lot of useful information that basic versions don’t offer. It is especially helpful for people with no experience because information about how many screws will you need in total can be beneficial.

As you probably already know, building a shed comes with a certain cost. However, we are sure that this guide will be very helpful and will prevent you from losing money on unnecessary things.

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