The Advantages & Disadvantages of Shed Windows – What to Know

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Sheds are mostly regarded as multi-functional spaces. The possibilities of shed use are endless—if you’re thinking of adding a new space for your home, building a woodshed from scratch, or transforming an existing one is the best place to start. No space will be wasted, especially since countless easy wood shed plans are readily available online. 

The main differences between shed designs, however, are the presence of windows. Some argue that having windows installed are the best way to go, while some remain firm with no windows.

To help you come up with a well-informed decision, here are the advantages and disadvantages of shed window installation:

The Advantages of Window Installation

Advantage #1: Good air circulation

Some sheds are used for more than just simple storage space. If you wish to turn your shed into a project or crafts area, you will benefit from the airflow benefits windows can provide. Without windows, your shed will feel stale and stuffy, making it difficult to stay in it for long periods. If you wish to have your shed be more than just a place to store your lawnmower and gardening gear, build windows around it.

Advantage #2 Presence of natural light

Although quite obvious, sheds with windows will be more open to natural light than those without. A shed used for storage won’t find any need for natural light, but if you’re turning it into a curated space, windows will be most welcome. Do keep in mind that installing electricity can be costly, too, especially since it comes with maintenance needs and a significant amount of installation hassle—you may want to get windows still!.

Advantage #3: A more stylish shed

Generally speaking, a shed with no windows is essentially just a huge, unsightly box. If you’re using it for dirty garden tools and boring equipment, it’s easy to just ignore and let it remain as a dreary and unexciting part of your home. Opting to have windows installed, however, will make it seem more like a little home—which can be a charming extension of yours!

The Disadvantages of Windows Installation

Disadvantage #1: Poorly sealed windows could let in bugs and water

Unfortunately, the more openings you build around your shed, the greater the chance of small rodents and insects entering the space. If your window isn’t installed properly, it will be unable to seal your shed away from the outside. Old sheds become home to mice, frogs, roaches, and lizards, so make sure to maintain your shed space well. A poorly installed window will also be vulnerable to water damage, as it will let water in during rainy days.  

Disadvantage #2: Susceptible to break-ins

Windows let thieves and burglars know that space is easier to access. Most sheds aren’t equipped with alarm systems for extra protection. Should you choose to have windows, don’t keep high-value in the space. For additional protection, use motion sensor lights for your back yard and even window curtains. 

The Takeaway

While windows can make building a woodshed a little more expensive, but it adds value, despite having disadvantages. The cheapest way to build a shed is by keeping it windowless, of course, but if you’re going to use it as an additional extension of your home, it’s best to add windows in!

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