Shed Organization Methods: Shed Mechanics’ Top 4 Picks

Buying a Shed vs. Building a Shed
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Sheds are already amazing structures that are beneficial to anyone who owns a backyard. Not only do they offer extra space to store things in, but they can also be converted into a spare room or a nice lounging area. While the latter two can be done, sheds are best used for spare storage options of items that are outdoors so they do not take up too much space indoors. 

If you already have a shed and you think it’s a tad bit too messy, there are solutions to space management for better organization inside your shed. Depending on the size of your shed, you can utilize different clutter management options that will keep items in easy to reach places for when you need them instead of searching endlessly. 

If you own a shed, these traditional storage options we are about to show you are some of the best ways to keep your unit organized and ready for anything:

Overhead Lofts

If you don’t store anything tall or too high, then perhaps make use of the roof area of your shed. This is a lot of wasted space if you think about it, so create loft-type storage shelves where you can store light items for easy access and decluttering of the bottom floor. This is a perfect way to store things that will not really be used for most of the year, but are still essential nonetheless. 

Some people even choose to put twin-lofts in the front and rear of the shed, giving even more storage options. Another benefit of lofts is that they keep your precious belongings and tools away from pests and water damage from storms and floods. Storage lofts are highly dependent on the size of your shed, plus the roofing method used, as some sheds aren’t viable options for a loft. 


Wall shelving is a traditional storage method that works for both homes and sheds. You can purchase many kinds, such as portable plastic ones from a home improvement store, or even build steel shelves or wood ones from scratch if DIY is your specialty. These can be bolted onto the walls or just planted firmly into the floor for stability. 

Ensure that your shelves are the right height and size, as well as unobtrusive when it comes to accessing larger items in the shed. Shelves can be used to store toolboxes, tools, and other DIY materials and smaller items that can get lost easily. A pro-tip we have is to have written indicators as to what is on each shelf, such as what toolbox is on each shelf for maximum organization.


If you are the type of person to tinker with mechanicals and tweak things, a workbench is perfect to be in your shed. While this isn’t exactly storage, it will keep your tools organized and the shed free of loose items depending on the model of workbench you purchase. 

Wall Mounting Products

One wall mounting product that works extremely well and saves so much space are wall hooks. Wall hooks can be mounted in special ways to store gardening equipment and woodworking tools so that they are not scattered across your shed floor. Hooks can mount your brooms, shovels, rakes, and even cords and hoses. The possibilities are endless. 

The other wall mounting product that is one of our favorites is the pegboard, as these give endless organizational abilities. With pegboards, you can place pegs on the board attached to the wall and reorganize them however you want. This makes it easy to adjust when new tools are bought and introduced to your set. 


There are many storage options available, and a trip to your local hardware or home improvement store can show you all options. These are some of our favorites here at Shed Mechanics, as they are the simplest to use and the most effective. Organizing your shed is one of the best things you can do, so get on it and start making the most out of it. 

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