Shed Maintenance 101: How to Clean a Shed’s Interior and Exterior

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Many people assume that a shed is supposed to be messy, and that one with random things and equipment sprawled everywhere is okay. While that is alright if you can work in such an environment, nothing beats working in a perfectly clean and organized shed where all your tools and equipment are accessible with plenty of space to move around. A dirty area also introduces the buildup of dirt and bacteria—so if there is any reason to clean your shed, this should be one of them!

If you have finally decided to put in that extra effort to clean up your workspace, then that’s a good first step. By knowing some of the tips for properly cleaning and organizing your shed, you can streamline your efforts even further. 

To help you out in this regard, here is what you need to do to ensure your shed is clean inside and out:

Cleaning your shed’s interior

The first place you should start cleaning is the inside of your shed. Start by thoroughly inspecting the area and look for areas where plenty of dirt and grime have piled up. This is generally the case for areas where you frequently drop your tools and near the door—although dirt can also be found in hard-to-reach places too. If you have a rag, run it through the area to remove the grime and shake it off thoroughly outside to ensure no extra dirt stays inside. 

Once that is done, remove your tools to free up as much interior space as possible, and start scrubbing away at the walls. Use a mix of soap and water to scrub the stubborn dirt off and sweep away any loose dirt out of the shed. Also, keep an eye out for mold and mildew, and get rid of them if you find any. Do the same for your floors after the walls are done.

Remember that whenever you can, do some cleaning in the shed, even if it is minimal. This is to prevent large buildups of dirt that can hurt your shed’s lifespan.

Cleaning your shed’s exterior

With the interior fully cleaned, now is the time to focus on your shed’s exterior. In most cases, you can simply do the same process as what you did inside the shed. This means scrubbing away at the walls to remove any grime and sweeping up the nearby floor to remove all dirt and debris. 

If that is too much work, you can pressure wash the exterior for faster results. Do note that too much pressure can damage the wood and the painting on it, so always start low and test a specific spot before committing to a pressure level. As for your windows, clean them by hand. Wash them thoroughly inside and out carefully to ensure they are left clean without any stains or cracks!


Shed maintenance is an important task—and is actually much more important than many homeowners realize. Despite it being out there in the garden housing your gardening tools or other such equipment, it still requires proper maintenance to ensure that it can last for years to come. To ensure that you do not put your health and well-being at risk every time you step in there—and for the sake of your curb appeal, of course—maintain your shed properly and regularly. 

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