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Shed Checklist: How to Prep Your Site for Shed Building

How to Build a Shed Foundation
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Just because building a shed is something you can do on your own doesn’t mean you can do it right away. Unfortunately, there are things you need to accomplish first before setting up a shed in your site. We know how excited you are about building your little space, so here’s a little checklist of things you need to do to prepare your site for shed building:

Finding the right location for your shed

Before building one, you have to know where you want to put up your shed exactly. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Set it up on the most leveled area 

It is difficult to work on the ground that has a slope. Select the flattest possible area in your space, as it will help lessen the work needed for excavation. Avoiding areas in your land that are prone to collecting water also helps lessen potential shed damages.

If a slope is something that cannot be avoided, you have to adjust and work toward achieving a leveled surface as much as possible.

2. Set up your shed according to convenience

Determine where you want your shed door to face. Make sure to place the door somewhere convenient. To help you identify the right spot, list down all the functions your shed will have. 

For example, if you want to use the shed as a shelter for your gardening tools and supplies, you should make its entrance an easy and smooth ride for your lawnmower. It should also be facing your garden for easy access to your garden items. If you want your shed to become storage for your car accessories, its entrance should be placed facing your driveway or parking area. 

When you are ready to build

Now that you know where to place your shed, it’s time to get all the important approval and documents.

1. Get all necessary permits and information

Check the rules and regulations for building structures in your city or state. Each city or state has its own guidelines, depending on how huge your project is. You also need to secure a permit before starting any construction. It is best to call your government office or search on their website to get the right information and building regulations.

2. Have your site inspected

Before you perform any land excavation, you have to secure inspection and approval from your state’s Dig Safe department first. They will ensure that no underground utility lines will be damaged during the excavation. They will also advise you on whether your chosen location for your shed is within the safe distance from the utility lines. 

3. Ensure property line

To avoid any conflict with your neighbors, get a statement from a land surveyor or your property’s deed confirming that the land you’re eyeing is yours. It is recommended that you allocate at least 10-15 feet distance allowance from the edge of your property line. That is what you call a setback or the safe distance from your property line. Be ready with your paperwork just in case the need arises, and don’t forget to warn your neighbors about the noise they’ll hear during your shed building.


When you’ve had everything above in order, you can finally start building. Familiarizing yourself with the building codes, permits, and other requirements and securing them will guarantee the smooth running of your shed building project. 

For more information about building a woodshed, check out My Shed Plans site. We have tutorials, guides, and everything you need to know about building your shed!