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Shed Building: 3 Most Suitable Shed Foundations

how to build a wood shed
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A shed is a structure that can be used for various purposes, such as an extra bedroom, storage, hobby room, and more. When building your shed, you should prioritize having a stable, level foundation to ensure that it is functional, usable, and longer-lasting. Also, it should not be directly sitting on the ground; otherwise, it will rot from the moisture. 

In short, your shed’s foundation matters. To ensure that your shed works properly, here are some of the most suitable shed foundations that you can choose from:

Cement blocks

Cement blocks are considered the most common shed foundation. They are built in piers or mini-towers 3-5 feet apart. Building them is easy, and you are assured that your shed will be sturdy, well-maintained, and in tip-top shape for the years to come.

If you are considering using cement blocks as your foundation, it is best if your shed site is two or fewer feet out of level. Make sure to use gravel pads if you are planning to store heavy equipment such as your tractor or car in your shed. These will help level out the ground that is more than two feet out of level and provide a solid support for your floor, preventing it from drooping. 

Whether you are learning how to build a shed out of pallets, plastic, or metal, adding gravel pads to your structure can be reasonably costly and time-consuming. However, they are a worthwhile investment that can assure you that your shed will become durable.

Concrete piers

Using concrete piers for sheds is rare, but if your shed site is located on a slope, then using them as your foundation might be the perfect solution. They serve as a permanent foundation since these go deep into the ground, and they are built by digging holes, inserting tubes, and pouring concrete. If you want to use these, you may browse our website for free wood shed plans to help you build your structure without any hassle.

Post and beam

Just like the concrete piers, utilizing post and beam as your shed foundation may be uncommon. However, this is especially helpful if your site has a slope that is way out of level. This is a cheaper alternative to excavation. Best of all, you can build this all on your own if you are handy and experienced in doing DIY construction projects. Make sure to use a set of engineered drawings to ensure the success of your shed project. 

When building your foundation with the post and beam, use pressure-treated lumber, bury these posts in the ground, and set your shed on the beams. The structure should be close to the ground as much as possible on one side so you can guarantee that you can set your shed down on it and ensure that it is leveled.


A shed offers you convenience and makes your property more functional and visually appealing, which is why this structure can be an exceptional addition to your home. When creating your shed, make sure to choose your foundation wisely based on your site and use shed plans that are catered to your needs and preferences.

If you are planning to build your shed, feel free to use our DIY wood shed plans. We have tips, tutorials, and extensive guides just for you. Check out My Shed Plans today to see how we can help! We have a wide range of shed plans that you can choose from.