Prevent Mold In Your Shed With These 6 Tips

How to Frame a Shed
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A little bit of mold may not seem like a big problem, but give it some time, humidity, and a cool environment, and it may become something serious. 

If you have a shed, you need to monitor it for mold growth continuously. Whether you use the shed to store your items or work on your passion projects, maintaining it properly will prevent mold. 

No matter what type of shed you have, here are some ways to ensure it remains free of mold: 

1. Always Keep It Dry

When you store things inside your shed, make sure that you’re not leaving anything wet behind. Wet items can create moisture that can cause mold. Moisture can spread to the floor, walls, and ceiling relatively quickly. Identify items in your shed that can bring moisture into the shed and make sure that they’re all dry before you store them. 

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

If your shed is prone to moisture, a vent is a must. Proper ventilation will improve the airflow in your shed and the air quality, which is beneficial if you spend long hours inside. Moreover, good air quality can also help make your shed last longer. If you don’t have a vent yet, simply keep the doors and windows open while you work inside. 

3. Check Your Roof

If you have metal roofs or asphalt shingles, you should know that mold likes the crevices in them. It’s vital that you check your roof periodically because mold can grow down into your walls, which would turn into a more serious problem. Take the time to clean your roof as well to prevent mold formation. 

4. Install a Hygrometer

The humidity level in your shed must be regulated appropriately. A hygrometer will help you keep an eye on the humidity level so you know when to take action. You should also consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep humidity at the right levels. If you’re working inside the shed and it has electrical connections, you can run a fan to keep the air moving inside. 

5. Pack Your Items Well

If you use your shed as storage, make sure that the items that you will put inside are packed well and free of moisture. Moisture is the number one cause of mold and some items may cause condensation more than others. Check all of your items and make sure that they are properly packed before you put them inside. 

6. Observe Proper Shed Maintenance

Regular shed maintenance will prevent mold from growing inside your shed. Make it a habit to perform routine maintenance checks that include inspecting the roof, mowing any weeds growing outside, and checking the structure for leaks. 


Whatever the purpose of your shed is, if you want to make the most out of it, you need to keep a close watch on mold growth. Mold can damage not only the structure of your shed but the stuff inside it. 

Performing regular checks, checking your roof, using equipment, such as dehumidifiers, and ensuring the items are packed properly are some of the things that can save you from a huge mold problem in the future. The good news is that sheds are generally small in size, which means you won’t have too much difficulties maintaining it. 

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