4 Organization and Storage Ideas to Improve Your Garden Shed

garden shed
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Many of us need a space in the garden where we can conveniently store tools and furniture like a garden shed. However, we often neglect our shed and end up putting cluttered and full of junk in a corner. You can change all that by following these neat little improvements you can do to make building a wood shed or garden shed worth it.

Improving a Garden Shed

Improving a garden shed is easy enough to do, but it does take some careful planning first. First, you must think about what you want your shed to look like and what function it will serve after you’re done with the makeover. With a bit of planning and inspiration, you can turn your shed into a functional and aesthetically pleasing part of your home exterior. Here’s what you can do to improve it.

Paint Your Shed

Giving your shed a new splash of paint will work wonders to enhance its overall appearance. It also does a great job of protecting the wood from harsh elements. If you want to add some vibrancy to your garden, you can try using bright colors and make it pop out of the garden. On the other hand, neutral shades like olive green will make it blend in with the landscape. Lastly, dark colors, like brown or deep blue, will give it a nice contrast or make the garden feel bigger respectively. 

Install a Water Butt to Your Shed

During summertime, there’s little to no rainfall to keep the plants in your backyard well-hydrated. As a solution, you can recycle water using the roof of your shed to collect whatever rainwater comes your way. Simply attach guttering just below the roof, connect a drainpipe to it that leads to a water butt to catch and store rainwater. This precious resource can be used to water your plants and your garden without wasting clean water.

Add a Green Roof to Your Shed

A shed roof, no matter how small, is a great planting opportunity on what would otherwise be an empty space in your shed. Cover your shed roof with plants to make it blend well with the greenery around it. Who would’ve thought that shed roof construction would involve putting plants on top of it?

Make a shallow-edged wooden frame to place on the existing roof and line it with plastic. Finally, you can fill it with soil and put whatever plants you want on top of it. 

Use Your Shed as a Spare Room

If you have a big enough shed, you can make it an extra living space that’s just outside your home. You can use it as a new work area or a place where you can work on your hobbies and personal projects. Add a few more items to make it more functional, like a skylight, some shelves, furniture, and rugs. It would be a good idea to include an electrical system for heating, lighting, and for running your power tools.


A storage shed is an important investment that shouldn’t be neglected or overlooked. You can make the most out of it by making a couple of these improvements. With the proper occasional maintenance, your shed could be a great addition to your property.

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