Need Extra Storage? Here’s What You Should Do

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You might find yourself living in your own space with a few items and furniture and then be surprised five years later because you now have no space for all the things you have accumulated. You do not always notice these little changes you bring into your home, and unless you are not ready to move in somewhere bigger, you only have two options. It is either you let go of these things or find another storage for them.

If selling them or giving them away does not sound good to you, then maybe having separate storage can help. What you need to do is find an area or an extra room in your place and stock your items there. 

Finding Extra Storage at Home

If you do not have an extra room in your house or an extra space where you can put all your stuff, here are the solutions you can explore:

  • Make space above. Making storage shelvings above the cabinets or the bookcases can help you store small pieces.
  • Store underneath. If you need more, you can always try creating storage underneath. Add baskets or boxes under your bed or make your staircase storage too. 
  • Hang things up. For areas like the closet, bathrooms, and the likes, a hanging organizer unit would work best. You can hang your toiletries, towels, scarves, and hats by hooks that you will fasten on the wall or doors. 
  • Create vertical storage by the wall. You can always convert a wall into open storage. It helps things look organized and tidy in the kitchen or living room area. 

What If You Don’t Have Space

Not all have the luxury of extra spaces at home, and the additional storage suggestions mentioned above will not allow you to store heavy or large items. For that problem, there is one more solution you can do: store it outside. 

There are two things you can explore: renting a storage unit or building a woodshed. 

Renting a Storage Unit: Pros and Cons

If you do not have enough space in your backyard, you have the option to rent a storage unit. Many rent-and-store businesses now exist for individual’s and family’s needs. These are often used for 4Ds purposes—death, downsizing, divorce, and dislocation. 


  • It is an ideal setup for people with time-restricted commitments.
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to moving your items from one place to a faraway place if you only need temporary storage.
  • There is less risk for damage compared to transporting items. 


  • If you need long-term storage for your things, it can be an expensive option since monthly payments are required.
  • You need to travel to get to the nearest self-storage unit available to you.
  • Moving heavy things to your car and driving them to the self-storage units can be exhausting.

Having Your Woodshed in the Backyard

For people who have enough garden space and can build storage space using DIY wood shed plans, here are the pros and cons: 


  • A few steps outside and you can reach your storage space immediately.
  • You can be flexible with how you want the size and functionality to be.
  • After spending on the building the storage space, you will pay as little as maintenance to keep it looking and functioning well over time.


  • It will require proper maintenance for it to last long.
  • Wood is prone to rotting and some pests.
  • You need time and energy to assemble it.


Evaluate your situation and find the best solution for you. If you have the outdoor space, consider having your storage shed. It is easier to manage financially and physically. Moreover, you have control over what you can put in there and when you want to let go. If you think DIY storage is not for you, you can always buy a ready-to-setup one. 

If you are considering building a woodshed from scratch, we are here to help you. We have extensive guides, easy wood shed plans, tutorials, and tips on this site. Check out My Shed Plans today to see how we can help.