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How to Frame a Shed Roof
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When you decide to invest your time and money in building something, you need to make sure you’re doing it right from the start. Building a backyard shed can only go both ways–it can be an incredibly fun experience, or it could be a project full of problems. 

To prevent any issues when you’re building a backyard shed, you need to plan your project and execution properly. You can get many benefits from putting up a shed in your home, so your return investment wouldn’t be a problem. Backyard sheds are used for storage and an additional workspace for handy and crafty homeowners like you. 

If you’re thinking of building a woodshed for your backyard, look no further because this article has loads of information to help you with this project. In this article, we compiled a list of tips and tricks you can do to make the most of your shed and help you plan the ultimate shed for your home. Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started.

1. Choose the right location for your shed

Remember to choose a location that is perfect for the shed’s purpose and its convenience. For example, if you’re going to use the shed as storage for gardening equipment, you can place your shed near your garden. If you want to turn your shed into a child’s playhouse, placing it closer to a patio or backdoor is ideal. 

You want your shed to be accessible and in an open area so that you can properly utilize it and make sure that it serves its purpose. 

2. Decide on its size

When deciding on your shed’s size, you should remember that it’s better to grow into your shed than growing out of it. When thinking of your shed’s size, make sure that you understand its purpose and how much space you need to work. 

It would help if you look further into the future to know what other purposes your shed can do to help you with your lifestyle. Having an appropriately sized shed can save you lots of money and avoid additional expenses if you need to upgrade its space. 

3. Have proper ventilation and sufficient lighting

Ideally, you’ll want to spend time inside your shed, and you want to make sure that it’s a comfortable area. To ensure that your shed is comfortable for anyone to be inside, you should install proper ventilation and have appropriate lighting fixtures.

Even if you’re planning to use your shed as storage, it’s still a good idea to have adequate ventilation and lighting. This way, even if you’re organizing the shed, you’ll stay comfortable and get to breathe some fresh air. 

4. Create a path to the shed

An effective way to make the most out of your shed is by creating a path between your shed and your home. This way, it’ll attract you to the space and you will want to spend some time being handy and crafty. Additionally, a path can help you get to your shed when the ground gets soggy due to rain or dew. 

Create a path using paving stones, bricks, or slabs. These will give your shed and your backyard landscaping more character and life. 

5. Think big and deck it out

When you’re building a woodshed, you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional shed ideas. Why not create a space for outdoor entertainment? Utilize your shed by adding a deck that can make-shift as a staging area so you can prepare food and drink during parties, or even serve as a stage for your kids to perform. 

Adding a deck or porch to your shed won’t only make your space attractive, but it also serves additional functions to help you with future backyard activities.


Building a woodshed on your own won’t be too complicated once you have a solid plan, and you remember these tips and tricks. This DIY project will require a lot of time and effort; however, the results are rewarding and extremely worth it when done right. So grab your paper, plan, and start building!

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