Do You Have a Garden Shed? Here Are Key Storage Secrets!

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Storage sheds are wonderful for a number of reasons. It’s generally used for tools and whatnot being put away. If you want to save time, energy, and money, create a well-organized garden shed. Store your tools in it to make them easy to find, and you won’t waste 10 minutes looking for your lawnmower. You also won’t spend extra money on gloves that you can’t find.

Thankfully, there are plenty of secrets to making the most out of storage in a garden shed:

Declutter Consistently

It should be noted that no matter what kind of shelving is at play, if there’s clutter, there’s going to be a problem. Some clutter may turn out to be things that cannot be recycled, donated, sold or thrown out since there’s still a use for them somehow. When that happens, bins will go a long way. They can either be metallic or plastic; either will do.

Give Hoses A Proper Hook

If you’ve ever tripped over a coiled-up garden hose, you know how annoying it is. It will be very beneficial to keep your garden hose safe and make it easier to untangle. A proper hook will go a long way. Bigger hooks will keep a hose in place well if they’re at a steep angle.

Make Hand Tools Accessible

Tools with particularly long handles are ideally put away in a manner that’s unobtrusive yet accessible somehow. This can be solved through the use of a tool hanger that’s particularly sturdy. It’s ideal for the inside of a shed’s door. That way, shelves can occupy the walls. It would also be ideal to creating space for a potting bench to get set up.

Make the Most Of Shelves

Open metal shelving will go a long way when it comes to sheds. That’s because aside from the obvious addition of storage, they will also help to let light naturally filter into the shelves. Since tools generally vary in terms of height, adjustable shelves will go a long way to that end.

Use A Garden Carryall

Seed-starting supplies will go well in vintage milk bottle carriers. Canning jars can hold clippers, pens and the like. Find a “grab and go” carryall tool that can keep things organized while affording more shed space overall.

Use Magnet Bars

Magnetic bars are not a new concept, but they’re absolutely underrated. Mechanics know just how valuable they can be not just for holding tools, but organizing in general. In truth, they can also serve the same purpose for metal garden gear. Trowels and pruning shears, for example, can go on a magnetic bar which makes them accessible.

The magnet has to have a force that is strong enough for carrying the full weight of all the tools that will go on them.

Use Your Outdoor Shed More

There are so many ways that a shed can become a space that’s multi-functional. Explore items such as a double-duty bar cart and shelves that can be adjusted accordingly.


Garden sheds are great additions to any property. They are often used to store items, but they don’t have to end up wholly cluttered. Storage secrets include consistent decluttering, giving hoses a proper hook and using magnet bars.

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