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Is a Shed Perfect as a Kid’s Playroom? – What to Know

How to Build a Shed Foundation
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All backyards are a haven for children. With an ample space to run, jump, and shout—children can have nonstop fun under the sun while surrounded by your garden. It would be more enjoyable playtime if you added a playroom inside a shed filled with toys and engaging activities your little one can enjoy. 

Children can use the shed as a resting place when they’re too tired from playing under the heat of the sun. In doing so, you help their bodies cool off to optimal temperature, which helps avoid sunstroke. Additionally, they can use the shed as a part of their game—hide-and-seek, defend the fort, role-playing games, and more. 

Play sheds can be educational at the same time. You can add books and educational toys for your children to enrich their minds with knowledge. It’s also a great place to stay whenever it’s raining outside.

Playroom Sheds Can Be Built With Safety in Mind

No parent wants their children to be in danger. As such, you can customize your shed with your children’s safety in mind. The first thing you should focus on is the stability of the entire structure. A shed with poor balance can easily break down from its weight or if there’s a torrential downpour. The scene would not look good if your children are inside the shed. 

When you’re researching on how to build a wood shed, always pick easy wood shed plans that have a robust shed foundation. If you have an existing shed that you want to convert, check for the integrity of the space if there’s no damage to the roof, walls, or base. If there’s a problem, you should immediately fix it before you begin the remodel. 

Possible Ideas for Your Shed Playroom 

It would be nice to dedicate the entire shed interiors as your child’s playroom, but in most cases, that’s not possible. There needs to be a separate section for storage and the actual pay area, so the stored items are secure when not in use. You don’t need bespoke storage cabinets, but you should not use simple storage boxes stacked on top of each other. It might cause an unwanted accident when the stack falls over. 

If you’re also doubling the shed as storage for gardening and tools, make sure they are in a separate and inaccessible section away from the curious hands of kids. Pest control precautionary measures are also an excellent addition to your shed to keep your children safe from rodents and insects.

For the fun part, you can add a dedicated art and crafts section, complete with a table, chairs, and art materials. If your child has an interest in music, you could add instruments or an improvised dance studio. For dressing up, you could add a lot of costumes with a makeshift stage. The whiz kid would prefer if you can add a ton of educational reading materials or mock set-up of a science lab as decor. 

If you’re looking for wood shed designs, check out My Shed Plans to learn more about how to build a wood shed for your kid’s playroom.