Important Information You Should Know About Barn-Style Sheds

barn style shed
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The word barn brings up a particular image in one’s mind, doesn’t it? When a shed that’s built has a gambrel roof style, it’s referred to as a “barn-style shed.” This roof is symmetrically built with two slopes on each side, much like an actual barn. The design is popular given how much more headspace it offers within a shed. The style as a whole has several types available.

How Much Does Getting a Barn-Style Shed Cost in the First Place?

The range of barn-style shed prices goes from four to five digits: around $2,397 to $52,327. Needless to say, the price is dependent on factors such as materials, model, size, and any special customizations that may be added along the way. A barn-style shed that’s 8×10 with wood panel siding starts at around $2,380. On the other hand, 8×10 to 12×20 barn-style sheds that have sidings made from wood panels can go all the way up to $19,941.

The material takes up a chunk of the structure’s final price. Wood panel siding is often used since it is generally more affordable than most. A pricier upgrade is vinyl siding, though it’s well worth the spend since it allows for an exterior that’s low-maintenance. For a gorgeous, luxe feel, there’s wooden clapboard siding; however, it’s the most expensive option out there.

In terms of comparisons with other shed styles, barn-style sheds can be the pricier option in some circumstances. Extra overhead storage space in the loft is often overlooked during these comparisons, however. That’s what makes the barn-style shed cheaper per square foot most of the time compared to sheds that have “saltbox” or A-frame roof styles.

Most Used Barn-Style Shed Sizes and Uses

  • 8×10 – Basic storage, items for garden and lawn care
  • 10×10 – Basic storage, bicycles. lawn care items, lawnmowers
  • 10×12 – Small workspace, storage (lawn and garden equipment, bicycles) 
  • 10×16 – Storage (lawn care items, motorcycles, storage bins, tools), small workspace or “mancave”/”she shed”
  • 12×16 – Storage (mowers, tools, smaller furniture, basic storage items, motorcycles) and space for an office, workspace, or home gym
  • 12×20 – Storage (ATVs, mowers, garden care items, a car), a hobby center

It’s important to have a clear view of what the shed you’re looking to build will be used for. List down purpose/s and items that will go inside. Take note of measurements wherever you can, which will help in the mapping out of storage space. It’s important to have a good, updated, accurate knowledge of the space available in the backyard as well.

The three main ways or places to get a barn-style shed going are:

  • Big-Box Stores
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Kits
  • Specialized Shed Companies


When it comes to barn-style sheds, space, functionality, and attractiveness are all major factors to consider. The name stems from the roof, which has two slopes on either side much like a classic barn. While they seem pricier initially upon comparison with other shed styles, the overhead storage provided by the loft actually makes it the more practical and affordable choice per square foot.

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