How to Maximize the Use of Your Shed’s Space – Our Guide

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Everyone knows that having enough space at home is desirable. Being able to move freely translates to comfort and relaxation. However, personal belongings can easily take up space, and before you know it, there’s almost nowhere else to put that brand new table of yours. The same goes for your shed. Over time, you don’t realize that your tools and equipment are increasingly piling up until it already looks like a battlefield. 

To avoid ending up with garden equipment clutter, you’ll need to maximize the space and arrange your items wisely. You may also consider modifying your wood shed design. Here are some steps you can take to avoid overstuffing the space in your shed:

1. Sort the important items

The first thing you need to do is to separate the items and equipment that you frequently use from the ones that aren’t as important, especially those that haven’t seen the light of day in years. 

You want to assess the condition of these items and identify whether or not they are still functional. For example, if you see a broken fan or empty paint cans from years ago, you probably won’t need them anymore, and it’ll be best to dispose of them.

For things that can still be used but only for specific circumstances, set them aside for now.

2. Use proper utility tools

Don’t underestimate the power of utility tools. Items like wall hooks, pegboards, magnetic boards, and most importantly, floating shelves, will help you maximize the space in your shed. Wall hooks can help make use of floating space that would otherwise be untouched, and floating shelves are extremely convenient. 

Before you store your items back, ensure that you have the right storage for utility tools to make your life easier.

3. Rearrange them based on their purpose

Now that you have your items sorted out, you need to make sure that they’re organized when you store them again. For this, you’ll need containers and cardboard boxes for small to medium-sized items. Identify what they are mainly for. If you have items specifically used for planting, put them in a single container and label that box as planting or similar. 

When they’re all placed in containers, you have to arrange them in order with regard to the frequency of use. For example, if you find yourself cleaning the yard regularly, then place your cleaning box somewhere you can easily reach. If your shed has floating shelves, use them to your advantage and store items there for accessibility. If you don’t, you can stack the boxes and place them in one corner.

A general rule of thumb when using shelves is to place items that are rarely used at the top. Remember those items you set aside earlier? You wouldn’t need them as much. Place them in the uppermost part of your shelves and place regularly-used items where you can easily reach them. For stacking, however, it’s the other way around.


The best way to maximize your shed’s space is to free the areas that are not efficiently-utilized. By clearing items that aren’t as useful anymore, you’re giving yourself more space and more things to store that will help you maintain your overall home quality. Additionally, you won’t have a hard time accessing them anymore.

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