How to Construct a Pallet Shed – Our Guide

How to Build a Shed Out of Pallets
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Building a simple, single-story roofed structure called shed is a great way to have storage, an avenue for your hobby, or a place for your workshop. When constructing a shed, you can choose from different materials, such as wood, metal, or vinyl. 

Why not consider constructing a pallet shed instead? Pallets are excellent materials to make shelves and small pieces of furniture, but they can also be ideal for constructing a simple shed. 

Here’s our guide on how to build a shed out of pallets:

1. Start by establishing your base

To establish your base, level out a 10 square feet area. Be sure to dig into the ground and use cement block for elevation. Once the site is prepared, attach the first two pallets to ground contact as the first corner of the building. Then, connect the pallet walls to each other and line them up straight. Finally, bolt the pallets together on the top, bottom, and center using pieces of all-thread.

2. Work your way around and up the sides

Once you’ve built the base, you can now work your way around. Do this by adding another pallet to the back using screws on the bottom and all-thread bolts on the sides. Do the same on the right side and stop until you work your way up. To work up the sides, you should now add smaller, regular-sized pallets to complete the side walls. Use screws to bind the pallets to the ground contact lumber, and all-thread bolts to connect the pallets to each other side to side.

3. Start working on the front

In this part, you can utilize long, skinny pallets to frame the doorway for structural integrity. After this, you can add three pallets from the front to back to support your plastic roof and frame them in the doorway. All these will give your shed a strange greenhouse look.

4. Add the door and a roof

Once the walls and the front have been set, you can now add the roof and the door. You can use those made out of chipboard and pallet tops for the door and put them in the frames. For the temporary plastic roof, replace it with sheets of corrugated tin. This tin should accommodate the shed about eight feet tall in the front and six feet tall in the back.

5. Continue with the windows and skin

Finally, leave some spots in the front for your windows. You can use window coverings made from plastic fluorescent light. For your shed’s skin, use pallet tops uniform in width and stacked on top of each other horizontally. Complete the skin on the front first, then proceed to the back and sides. So, there you have it.


Building a pallet shed can be pretty straightforward, just make sure to follow the steps outlined above. For all you know, you can create your own pallet shed too and enjoy the simple benefits it can offer you.

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