How to Build a Shed Out of Pallets

How to Build a Shed Out of Pallets
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A great way to build a shed, if you don’t want to buy an expensive one or even pricey building materials, is to use pallets. You may have pallets laying around from buying furniture, a local business might just be throwing them out, or you might be able to buy them in bulk for cheap. You can use these to build a very basic and simple shed for next to no cost at all. How to build a shed out of pallets is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Building the Base

The first step is to build the base. We are going to go with a 10 x 10’ model, but it can be any size you choose, as long as it matches with the pallets. Dig into the ground a few inches, make the square which will form the base of your shed; then use cement or cinderblocks to create some elevation and separation from the ground.

Follow this up by screwing or bolting 2x4’s to those concrete blocks, to form that square base. Make sure to use ground contact rated 2x4’s so they won’t wear down due to temperature or moisture. Now you have a square elevated base to which you can start attaching pallets.

Start Attaching Pallets

Begin attaching pallets to the ground base in the rear corner, left or right, it really doesn’t matter which rear corner you start in. Attach a pallet to your ground base 2x4’ and bolt the pallet into the base board using at least 4 bolts. This is going to be the first pallet of the rear wall.

At the same, you also want to start on a side wall, the side wall on the same side as the corner you chose to start the rear wall in. Use a level and T-square to properly line them up and make a corner. You can use any means of attachment here, but best is if you bolt them together in the corner, both at the top and bottom, and if you choose, in the middle for added strength and stability.

Keep Working the Rear and Sides

Next, keep mounting pallets to that base board you created in step 1, and keep attaching pallets to each other in the same manner which we described in step 2, until you have complete a rear wall, as well as both of the side walls.

For a super basic shed, you can use pallets of all the same size, that will result in a flat roof. However, you can choose to use some slightly larger pallets that will increase the height of the side walls in comparison to the rear walls, thus creating a sloped roof which will help rain and snow fall off.

How to Build a Shed Out of Pallets

The Front Wall and Door

The next step is to create the front wall of the shed, remembering to take into account that you need to leave a space in the center for a door, so you can actually get into the shed. If you used slightly higher pallets for the front of the side walls, you will need to use equally tall pallets for the front, to create that angled roof. However, for a completely flat roof, you can just keep working with the same size of pallets you have been the whole time.

Simply attach them to the base boards and to the side walls in the same manner you have been doing the whole time. The trick of course is to leave a space large enough in the middle for a door. Some people will choose to use another pallet for a door, or you can create a basic door with a few 2x4’s and some plywood; this is up to you. Get some door hinges and attach the door as you see fit. You can also get a latch to ensure the door stays closed, or just build a makeshift one.

The Roof

So, for the roof, you will not be able to use pallets, as they are relatively heavy and won’t offer protection from the weather. Take a few 2x4’s and mount them evenly from the front wall to the rear wall. Now you will need some corrugated metal, which will form the roof. Bolt the corrugated metal to the 2x4’s to create a roof.

Optional Finishing

If you want to make the walls solid, get some plywood, cut it to size, and cover the front, rear, and side walls.


There you have it — how to build a cheap and simple shed out of some pallets, a few 2x4’s, cinderblocks, some corrugated metal, and some plywood.