Garden Sheds: What Are the Most Popular Materials Used?

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One of the most popular outdoor hobbies over the last two years has been gardening. However, it’s actually been rather known for some time now. It’s incredibly satisfying, whether it’s green grass with decorative trees and flowers involved or growing vegetables and fruits.

All of that requires owning the right equipment, fertilizers and tools. If you want them to last, though, you’ll need to keep them dry and well-maintained. According to practice, the ideal solution for that purpose is garden sheds.

Should space allow, the ideal shed to invest in is 6×3. That way, bulkier things can also be stored, such as a lawnmower, bikes, roller skates, e-scooters and so on. Shed size matters, but the materials plays an important role in the protection of tools and equipment to be stored in the shed.

Garden Shed Materials

The most common materials used to design garden sheds are wood, metal and plastic. Considering them all is vital before any final decision is made. 

Metal Garden Sheds

If you want to hang onto your hard-earned money, don’t choose a 5×2 shed that is made of wood. Metal sheds, on the other hand, not only provide you with more space but they are also more durable and cost-effective than wood sheds.

Over the past decade, metal sheds have increased in popularity as they provide the highest level of protection against the elements. No matter what the weather is like, this means of storage will be long-lasting. Metal sheds are lightweight, easily portable and easy to install. 

Bear in mind that the kind of metal chosen will be a factor in whether or not the shed will eventually rot. This is where calling in a professional comes in; having a trusted supplier means the metal garden shed you get will be of high-quality. Be sure to select the one resistant to rust and comes with a warranty against rust to boot.

People used to see metal garden sheds as unappealing, especially compared to wooden sheds. Nowadays, there are plenty of attractive, aesthetically-pleasing metal garden shed designs. These come in a number of colors and varying designs. This will go a long way in improving the garden’s overall look.

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic garden sheds are lightweight and durable, and UV-resistant versions are also available. Also like metal garden sheds, plastic sheds can differ in quality; the higher quality plastic used to make the shed, the better.

Wood Garden Sheds

Just like metal, these sheds can withstand the weather, which means they are strong and solid. Installation was also easy for both types of sheds, but timber is the most often used material for garden sheds. This is because wood is a natural insulator.

People commonly use wooden garden sheds as storage space. These sheds are easy to store in, especially when they don’t have to be as secure as metal and plastic sheds.


Garden sheds are incredibly helpful for storage and extra space in general. Gardening enthusiasts like them for this exact purpose, storing lawn mowers and fertilizer and the like. Popular materials include wood, plastic and metal.

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