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Garden Shed Storage Augmentation—What to Know

How To Build a Ramp for a Shed
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One might think that the only way to increase storage space is to expand the area that accommodates items. Although that might be true, it is not the only thing you can do to fit more stuff into your garden shed. Getting more items in your garden shed is possible without the need to extend it or build another one. Aside from excellent wood shed design, the secret is storage augmentation, which is the creative use of space to maximize every nook and cranny available.

Gardening requires a lot of tools and planting space for your beloved plants. Aside from the traditional set-up where you plant seeds directly to the ground, you can install innovative space-amazing features like raised beds. This way, you no longer have to shell out thousands of dollars in extending your existing shed or constructing a new one.

Think About the Items You Want to Store

Since the possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of things you can store in a shed, it’s critical to consider all items that you plan to safe keep. In doing so, you can make necessary arrangements and install safety or structural measures that help boost your shed’s functionality without compromising stability.

Aside from your gardening tools and indoor garden, are you storing items that won’t fit in your garage? How about outdoor furniture and decors you need to save for the winter? Remember that although the primary purpose of your garden shed is to care for your gardening needs, it can also serve as a secondary storage option for your other belongings.

Tips to Maximize and Augment Garden Shed Storage

An excellent organization skill is critical. Install a tool hanger so that you can quickly hang long-handled tools and equipment from the walls or the ceiling. For frequently used small devices, it is best to store them in a little storage box that is easy to access.

For shelving, put some distance before the cabinetry and the ground. The extra space is the perfect storing spot for heavy tools like your wheelbarrow or equipment like lawnmowers. You can also store miscellaneous things inside your wheelbarrow when you are not using it.

Next, the strategic potting of your miniature plants play a crucial role in saving space. You can stack plants vertically, with the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest at the top. When possible, you can put small potted plants inside your big potted plant’s soil area. 

If you smartly place hooks, it also has a massive boost in your shed space augmentation project. You can place hooks at the backside of every available door. Pick light items instead of heavy, bulky ones so that opening and closing the door will not become a huge chore. For blank walls, install hooks to hang long ropes or coils. Remember to install the hooks uniformly, however, so that you can attach as many items in a single hook.

If you have milk crates or any other similar boxes with the same durability, you can use them as storage too. The best part about them is that they are stackable so that you can save space by lessening the horizontal area you utilize.

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