Choosing the Right Shed Foundation: 6 Options for Bases

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If you’re looking for shed foundation plans online, and have found the one you like, and believe that you’re ready to start, you might want to think again. A foundation plan can be your guide, but remember that each shed’s case is different. Before carrying on with your DIY wood shed plans, ensure that you know what your woodshed is for, the correct size you need for your space, the materials to use, and the ground level you’ll work on.

The foundation is the first and most essential part of the shed that determines its building’s overall soundness. The shed foundation plan you found might need some tweaking depending on the differences between the dimensions and materials it used and your actual space and ground. 

In this article, we’ll enumerate six different options for shed foundations you can choose from and what they’re good for to help you find the right choice for your project:

Plastic Shed Base 

If you want to create a foundation that is easy and fast to do, consider using plastic as a base. Because the material is lightweight, it makes building a foundation uncomplicated to do. It is also the best option to go for if you want a durable yet reusable grid. It will never rot, and if you use quality plastic sheds, they are even capable of storing heavy-duty items. However, the plastic shed foundation needs a solid flat base to withstand the pressure and provide longevity. 

Timber Shed Base

If you need to create a good level of support, you can consider using timber bearers. They are made of long, straight wood elements to give enough stability to your structure. However, similar to the plastic shed base, you need to have a level foundation to avoid any lumps and bumps. Make sure also to use pressure-treated woods so that they will be resistant to rotting.

Adjustable Metal Base

If you opt to make an adjustable foundation that uses steel jacks, the Quickjack shed is the perfect base to use. It is ideal to use for projects that combine several foundation types because they can cope easily with a variety of materials. For instance, you have newly constructed individual bases, and you’re planning to put the shed base on a section of your patio. You can then adjust the steel jacks and use them on a gently sloping ground.  

Adjustable Plastic Base

Another type of base you can use on a slope is an adjustable base with plastic shed jacks. Keep in mind that this option is ideal to use for small sheds. 

Concrete Paving Slabs

If you need a durable yet cheap method of creating a base, build a concrete paver shed foundation. With a concrete base underneath, it can fully support the load of your shed. Since you’re using heavier materials here, it will take longer to finish a paved slab, but it will be a robust option that you can use for a long time. It is also the ideal platform for small or medium-sized sheds. 

Poured Concrete Base

A full concrete as your base is the most sturdy, stable, and hardwearing shed base that you can have. It is also often called a raft. It can be plain concrete, or you can add reinforcement materials into it. A poured concrete base is the best to have if you’ll keep heavy-duty items on your shed. This option is also the base recommended for larger garden sheds because of the strong support it gives. 


Start your DIY wood shed plans by choosing the right foundation for your project. Remember that the base should be according to the size and level of your allotted ground, and it should consider what type of items or equipment you’ll put inside. Your chosen material can also affect the performance of your shed, which is why you should consider all the options given plus the time and money you have for the project. 

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