Is Buying a Windowless Shed Worth It? 3 Advantages

windowless shed
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If you want to have a shed at your home, there are many different types of sheds you can get in different styles, sizes, materials, roofs, foundations, and features. Finding out the perfect shed for you means choosing between options. One of the choices you have to make is whether you want a shed with or without windows. 

Most modern sheds you see in homes or stores today come with windows, but windowless sheds were also created for a purpose. If you want to know the advantage of owning a windowless shed, this article will tell you three good reasons.

What Makes a Windowless Shed a Good Shed Option?

Reason 1: It Can Provide You With Better Privacy and Security

A shed without windows can offer better privacy than its alternative. Since there is only one entryway, you can secure it better. Use a quality lock, and you can confidently protect what you keep inside. 

Moreover, other people can’t see what you place inside your shed, eliminating the possibility of thieves becoming interested in it. Only the right people can access the place since there is only one opportunity. 

If you opt for a shed with windows, you have to guarantee that windows will be secured as well. Compared to doors, the windows are easier to break into. Unfortunately, there are not many lock options for windows with the same security that door locks can provide.  

Reason 2: You Get More Storage Opportunities

Having windows in your shed means better lighting and air circulation inside. However, that also means you cannot maximize your wall. If you want to place shelves or additional storage inside the shed with windows, you need to consider the window placement in your decisions. 

As much as possible, do not place anything that blocks the windows. That means everything else will adjust, including the placement and the height of your shed furniture. 

When your shed has no windows, there will be little to no problems in terms of interior use. You can put on as many shelves and cabinets as you can for more organized storage. You can also add hooks or racks if you want to arrange your items better. 

Reason 3: Your Shed Would Be Easier to Maintain

Compared to a shed with windows, windowless sheds are easier to maintain. Since the property is closed most of the time, there is no other entryway for dust, debris, insects, water, and other materials. 

Furthermore, windows always come with latches susceptible to damage. It adds a shed feature that needs attention and regular checking. The windows themselves also need to be in good condition all the time. When it gets damaged, it needs to get repaired fast, or else your shed’s security would be at stake. 


Building a woodshed at home is an exciting thing, but it comes with many decision-making. Whether you want a windowless shed or a shed with windows depends on your needs. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain, weather-resistant, and highly secure shed, a windowless shed is an excellent choice. It is the perfect shed that protects against prying eyes, insects, water, and other shed problems.

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