Factors to Consider When Building a Wooden Potting Shed

white shed
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If you have a spacious yard at home and you’re wondering how to optimize your space, you could learn how to build a wooden shed to use as a new area for your potted plants. A shed is a great addition to your garden when you want to grow various greens and flowers that require less sunlight or, better yet, more specific care.

Besides keeping your plants, having a shed serves as a storage space for other things, such as gardening tools, equipment, and belongings that don’t fit in your home anymore. There are plenty of sheds to choose from that are made from various materials and offer different uses.

Deciding on the perfect shed to fit your home will all come down to what you need and your preferences. Keep reading below to learn what to consider when selecting what shed to complete the outdoor area of your property.

The Design of the Shed

Whether you take your gardening seriously or you’re just doing it as a hobby, having a potting shed helps you focus on your flora. Sometimes, due to weather occurrences, pests, and other unavoidable reasons, your plants will get destroyed despite how hard you’ve worked on them.

If you want to use a shed mainly for housing your greenery, you must lay down a firm plan and choose an appropriate wood shed design. It must fit the limited outdoor area you have and match the exterior of your home, and have the right size to leave you with enough free space inside it.

The Materials to Use

If you’re certain about your DIY wood shed plans and you want to treat it as your own home project, then you will need to scout for the materials one by one. But if you don’t have enough knowledge on the kinds of wood panels available in the market and tools to use, you will need to seek help from an expert woodshed maker.

Depending on where you live, if you experience freezing winters and sweltering summers each year, you must get materials to protect your plants from various seasons. The wood you use should be durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and of high quality.

The Amenities to Include

The wooden shed you build doesn’t always have to be about solely providing shelter for your potted plants. Depending on how much space you have, you can use it to put away your gardening tools or even use some of its space and turn it into a small workplace.

Since your shed will be made out of wood and not glass like greenhouses, you have the freedom to keep adding more shelves to use for your plants and other purposes. 

The Plants to Keep in It

After laying down your wood shed plans and looking forward to developing a new spot for your potted plants, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re moving all your greenery into the shed. Plants have different needs; some will require more exposure to sunlight than others, while the rest shouldn’t always receive direct sunlight.

You have to make sure that the potted plants you’re bringing into the shed will thrive in their new environment and won’t mind being left in a dark space for most hours of the day. Knowing the kinds of plants you want to situate in your wooden shed helps you figure out which ones require repotting and which to leave out in your garden.


People who are into gardening understand how enjoyable and relaxing it is to tend to their plants every day. After witnessing your greenery flourish over time, considering building a shed is an excellent idea to manage various plants with special needs. However, part of your shed building plans must involve the design of the shed, the materials to use, the amenities to include, and the plants to keep in your shed.

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