Building a Bicycle Shed: Here’s What You Need to Know

Secure Bike Shed
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Sometimes, going with a simple response is the best way to remedy any large-scale problem. Biking is a traditional yet innovative solution to the growing concerns over lifestyle sustainability. 

Although owning an electric-powered car could be a great way to contribute to green efforts, it takes a fortune to buy and maintain. This is why bikes are seeing an upward trend again for many former and would-be cyclists.

Starting with your bike shed’s dimensions

Converting your shed to match your bike’s needs is like customizing your garage. However, you won’t always have enough space for the two. Thankfully, installing a shed in your home is relatively easy. First, consider making a blueprint of your plans. The general planning dimensions for a single bike are 1.07m height x 1.8m length x 0,56m width. Using this as a guide, you should know how to estimate multiple bikes set horizontally or vertically.

The standard way to arrange your bikes is by lining them up side by side on level ground. Maintain a 25mm gap at either of the handlebar ends. This allowance is necessary to walk in between multiple bikes to remove it from the line. However, if you don’t have much space to work with, you can be more creative with your layout.

For example, you can lift the front wheel of every other bike by placing a ramp. Doing so will prevent the handlebars from entangling and keeps a 310mm distance between your bikes. The ramp you’ll build must raise the wheel up to 25cm to prevent different bikes from touching. Also, it stops brake levers and cables from entangling with each other.

Making peace with your other shed materials

Gardening tool storage is the everyday use of outdoor sheds. This is why you may run into space issues if you’re already using it for another purpose. Thankfully, there are some structural changes you can make to accommodate your bike’s needs and your lawn tools. Additionally, you need to make room for your bike’s essentials, from track pumps to locks.

You might want to consider installing bike storage cabinets if you want to optimize your shed’s spaces. Another possible option is to convert your shed into a double-ended shed. Doing so allows you to have doors on each end to easily access all your bikes if you hold multiple ones on hand. Alternatively, you can install double doors to maximize the wiggle room of your indoor spaces. It enables you to bring your bike straight out without removing and returning different components.

Keeping your shed safe and secure

You must treat your bike similar to how you’d protect your car. This is why implementing security measures should be at the top of your shed-building list. Your bike shed’s first level of defense should be to keep your shed away from public access. It might be easier to do this if your shed is in your backyard.

Next is your locking system inside your shed. It’s best to cast a ground anchor on a concrete pad for your shed’s flooring. This will ensure that people can’t forcibly remove your bikes unless they want to bring the whole shed with them.


Converting your shed into a multi-purpose area is an excellent use of your free spaces without investing in expensive outdoor installations. With its placement and general dimensions, you won’t have to make numerous alterations to turn it into a bike shed.

At Shed Mechanics, we can assist you with your DIY projects, no matter how small or extensive they are. If you plan on building a woodshed to match your vision for a bicycle shed, browse through our blog to get useful tips and construction advice for it! Check out our My Shed Plan website to see how we can help.

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