A Handyman’s Quick Guide on How to Easily Paint Your Shed

How to Build a Shed Roof
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There are many reasons to paint your shed. For some, it’s because their shed has been looking old and shoddy for quite some time, so painting it fixes things up and helps it look newer. For others, painting their shed is a way to keep it protected from external elements, extending the lifespan of the structure. Whatever reason you might have for painting your shed, whether you want to make it look new once more or if you want to keep it safe from the elements, here’s how you can go about painting it smoothly:

Things You Need

How can you paint your shed if you don’t have any of the necessary tools? To apply the paint, you’ll need brushes and rollers. The brushes can help fill in tiny gaps in your shed, while the rollers can cover larger surface areas of your shed. As for the paint, you’ll need exterior paint as well as a wood preserver and, if you can, grab yourself a wood filler or caulk. While the wood preserver and paint speak for itself, the wood filler and caulk can be used to fill any holes in the wooden panels of your shed for a smoother surface.

How to Paint Your Shed

So, once you have everything with you, here’s what to do:

1. Check the shed and apply the fixes

Before you start anything, take the time to look around the shed thoroughly. In this step, you’re keeping an eye out for any structural work needed. For example, if you find that wooden panels are broken, or that the roof needs some patching, get them fixed before anything else. To add to this, if you discover any gaps, fill them up with wood filler or caulk, not only to allow a smoother paint job but also to allow for an overall smoother-looking shed.

Also, you’re keeping an eye out for any cleaning jobs that need to be carried out. For example, if you find any mold or fungus growing on the shed, get it cleaned out. Leaving them there not only hurts your shed’s aesthetics, but it hurts its structural integrity as well. That said, cleaning up the shed’s external surface is a great way to prepare it for the next step: applying the primer.

2. Apply the Primer

With your shed fixed up and cleaned up, now’s the time to start applying the primer. With your brush in your hand, begin applying the primer on your shed. Once you’ve covered the exterior with it, leave it to dry. 

3. Start painting

With the primer dry, you can start painting. Usually, you’ll go through a few rounds of painting, not only to ensure that your shed is painted thoroughly but to put on enough paint to keep the shed, once again, safe from the elements.

Start painting your shed only during dry conditions. With the help of the roller, evenly distribute the paint over the shed. With the brush, paint any parts the roller can’t reach. With that done, wait for the paint to dry completely before starting the second coating, which you’ll do in the same manner as your first coating.

Note that you should always start from one end and slowly move around the shed until you reach the first spot. That way, the colors are more even, and the final results will be better.


With all that done, your shed is now painted! Sounds super simple, doesn’t it? Painting sheds aren’t too hard to do. In fact, painting a shed can be a highly rewarding activity, especially if you’re bored and have nothing to do in the summer. That said, if you find yourself either unmotivated to paint your shed or that you’re way too busy to do so, there are always pros out there ready to do the job for you. With their help, not only do you not have to do the job yourself, but the final result is one you can show off and be proud of.

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