A Complete Guide to Building Storage Shed

choose the best storage shed
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Building or installing a storage shed is the best way to keep your backyard and garage in proper condition. Having a storage shed in your property means more space to keep your belongings. It protects your lawnmower, saw, and other tools from the weather. Moreover, having a storage shed enhances the value of your house when you are going to sell it. This guide will help you with the information that is required to choose the best storage shed for your needs and organize your shed with some creative shed ideas.

Just like other projects, make sure to do some research before starting with the construction process. You will surely want to make different decisions for construction. Here are some of the points that will guide you for the building of the shed.

What type of material should you use?

There are different materials with which you can build your shed. If you are going to choose the best materials, then you need to know about the properties and qualities of each object. The most popular type of material that you should use for your shed is wood, which is completely customizable. You can paint your wooden shed with any of the colors by ensuring that it suits well with the rest of your backyard.

What’s good about wood sheds?

The shed made of wood allows for easy customization on the inside. It is easier to hang shelves, hooks, or install cabinets for further storage. Wood is a sturdy material that helps you to make long-lasting structures.

In spite of the advantages, wood is susceptible to different natural elements, which include insects and heavy weather. Even if the weather is perfect, and no insect is harming your shed, you still have to keep up with its maintenance.

Why should you choose metal?

Due to the durability, metals are an increasingly popular choice for building a shed. Metal protects the shed against mold, moisture, and damages caused by pests or insects. You do not need to worry about the bad weather that ruins your shed and causing it to fall apart. But, it is not easy to attach shelves and hooks to the metal.

how to build a shed house

You can choose Resins also!

Resin storage sheds are made with the use of plastic and are resistant to insects and rust. You also do not have to spend on painting your resin shed, which makes them easy to maintain. Moreover, you can clean your resin shed with a mixture of soap and water. You also do not have to worry about the insects affecting the surfaces. These sheds weigh less as compared to metal or woodshed, which makes them easier to put together.

Construction Process

While building a shed, you should start the step by step shed building plans and merely with the floor as you need something on which you can stand.

Building the floor

You should prefer a concrete slab for the floor as it is very tough and lays low to the ground, making it even more convenient. For the formation of a concrete slab, you should build it on a solid ground that has dry soil. It protects the cement from cracking. After you are done with making the decision regarding where you want to build the floor, ask for permission from the building department. It merely depends on the size and location of the shed where you are going to build.

Creation of the Base

Once you are done with the formation of the floor, you need to build the base. Pour and level your concrete; you can use a rake as concrete will not move very far due to its heavyweight. After leveling your floor, make it flat and smooth, which becomes even more comfortable with a bull float. Even when your floor looks dry, still there remains some water leaking out of the concrete. Make sure to absorb it properly for making your concrete harder, and then you can encircle the boundaries.

Building a concrete floor needs some safety precautions, and if done correctly, your floor will become strong and sturdy, which will last long.

Building the first wall

While learning how to build a shed house, you need to consider how you can build the first wall and the other three walls. There is a difference between the front wall holding the door, and other walls, but most of the basic form is the same. Make sure that your wall should be straight as the first wall is going to create the frame of your shed. You can also attach the string to the floor when building the wall. The same string method works well with the top construction also.

While building your first wall, keep the length of the top and bottom beams the same as the floor-length. By keeping the equal space, start building the structure.

Building the other walls

When you are done with the first wall, you become more confident about the rest of the project. The framework of the other three walls is the same as the first wall. Keep the front wall taller than the back wall for building a slanted roof. It keeps the water away from the door during rainy days. The side walls also differ with the front and back walls. They create the sloped roof and connect the front and back walls.

Building the roof

When you are done with the walls, start with the construction of the roof. Going further with the process, you need materials that can support the roof. Those material needs to be strong and long enough to hold the roof properly. Keep everything in an even manner to make your construction works best and easier. Lay your roof with the proper nailing in the sheets and add tar paper to the roof, starting from the lower end and working towards the highest point of the roof.

Now you are done with the building of floor, walls, and roof and you should focus on the solid construction of your shed. At this point, you can decide about the interior look of your shed. You can hang shelves or add colors and design your shed according to your desires.

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