Build a garden shed with easy steps

most popular shed ideas for garden
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A garden shed is a perfect space to store tools and equipment by keeping them safe from the weather damages. While it is not an easy project, but there are various steps included in building a merely simple shed. These are simple as long as you have some knowledge regarding construction and cutting. If you do not want any complications and want your project to be more straightforward then start with the most popular shed ideas for garden or you can use a shed-kit. It comes with pre-cut pieces. This shed is built with a floor and four walls, which also has space for a door. The front wall is taller than the back wall so that it would become easy to build a slant roof form the front to back.

Step 1: Cut the wood

Start your project by trimming the boards of foundation in the proper size. These boards are usually used at the bottom of the sheds. While cutting the wood for walls, make sure to cut them in 2 by 4 in pieces. Always take measurements before going with the cutting process. Before proceeding with cutting, keep in mind to cut the pieces in triangular shape for the roof.

Step 2: Build the foundation

Moving further towards the next step, you need to lay down a foundation of gravel. You can make use of a wheelbarrow and a shovel for the spreading purposes. Choose the block that is of four by eight by sixteen inches and lay those 59 inches away from each other. Set the blocks by making three rows of 4 blocks by placing them apart from each other. After you are done with the setting up of the blocks, make sure to level them in the ground. Lay these boards around the top of the concrete rows according to the length.

If you are using a shed kit, then you don’t have to cut the boards as they are available already trimmed.

Step 3: Create the walls

While making the walls, mark the platform 3.5 inches from the side edges. Measure these lines to make sure that they are 113 inches apart, take measurements from different points to see if the lines are parallel. Lay the boards at the top and bottom of the wall and place two 6 ft boards to the ends. Then cut the plywood for the wall with the proper measurements and lay it on the top of the wall by nailing them. Do the same process with the side walls also. Before you build the front wall, you need to take measurements of the door and leave the space accordingly. Use a measuring tape to know the height and width of the door.

Step 4: Make the frame for the door

Cut the boards of the same height as doors. Place the longer boards parallel to each other and spread them out to place them at either end of the shorter board. Place the shorter board perpendicular at the top on its edge, then nail them with penny nails to create the frame. Make sure that you have the knowledge regarding how to build a shed door.

how to build a shed door

Step 5: Lifting and nailing the walls all together

You can use the scrap boards that are of 1 ft long. Nail them perfectly so that they can go up over the edge of the floor. That way, you can lift the walls, and they don’t even slip from the platform. No doubt that there are different ways to do it on your own, but the easiest and safest way is to get help.

Step 6: Build the roof

While nailing, leave half of the board above the wall. Measure the board to fit it perfectlyaccording to the shed roof designthen cut the rest of the boards. Trim the ends of the boards and cut the edges at an angle to make them perpendicular to the ground.

After you are done with the building process, you can install the door. Place a lip at the bottom of the door to make it hang properly. You can also stain the wood and paint it in the same direction as the grain. Make use of rollers to get proper layers.

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