Storage Shed for Lawn Mower: 3 Factors to Consider

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If you have a garden, you will likely also need a storage shed to keep your gardening tools and equipment away. But one of the more important pieces of equipment is your lawn mower, as it requires the perfect location, proper storage, and constant upkeep. If you don’t have room for this machine in your garage or residential property in general, then consider building a shed to store it! That way, you can keep it safe and protected from the harsh outdoor elements.

In this article, we have rounded up a practical guide for your wood shed plans. Here are three factors to consider when building your storage shed for your lawn mower:

1. Primary purpose of your shed

First, you have to know and assess what your shed is for. In the past, it was typically designed as a storage place for gardening tools. Today, it can even be used as a woodworking shop, “sheddie,” a creative hub, and so much more.

But if you want to go back to the basics, you can construct a storage shed solely for your gardening tools and equipment. If the purpose of building a shed is primarily for the lawn mower, be sure it will accommodate your machine and keep it secure and protected.

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2. Shape and size

Keep in mind that a lawn mower can consume so much space, as it can be large, bulky, and heavy. This piece of equipment can be as small as a Weed Eater One riding lawn mower (at 32 inches wide) and as big as the X749 lawn tractor (at 64.5 inches). Whatever machine you currently have or are looking to invest in, you must ensure your storage shed’s correct shape and size.

That said, measure the machine and allow ample space for your shed. Also, think about your plan of upgrading to a bigger model sometime in the future so that you can have some extra space. Finally, consider also how you can store all other gardening tools and supplies. 

3. The surroundings

Another key consideration is the outdoor surrounding of your planned shed. Be sure to consider where you’ll best locate your lawn mower, and factor in the convenience of pulling in and out of your machine and its constant care and maintenance. 

The last thing you’ll want to do is put your lawn mower somewhere that will make it hard for you to move it in and out. Also, you don’t want to position your equipment in an environment that will make it quick to deteriorate or easy to get stolen. For this reason, you must consider the surroundings of your storage shed when planning to build one.


Building a storage shed for your lawn mower and other gardening tools is indeed a practical idea. When it comes to your shed construction, be sure to factor in your primary purpose, its shape and size, and surroundings. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to plan and construct the most suitable storage shed for the benefit of your lawn mower and your gardening pursuits!

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