5 Smart Ways To Organize Your Shed

Materials Needed to Build a Shed
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So you’ve finally taken it upon yourself to build your own wood shed out of some easy DIY shed plans you found on the internet. Given that you did it properly, your shed should serve you for years to come. 

A good shed is not just a simple box with a roof and a door—it’s supposed to allow easy access to your tools and other equipment that you store inside of it. If your shed’s contents are in disarray, then the main purpose of having your own wood shed isn’t achieved. 

To keep it functional, you will need to devise ways to organize the contents that won’t simply add more clutter as time goes on. Here are five excellent ways to organize your shed. 


Hooks are great for items that need to be accessed regularly but are generally too big or irregularly shaped for bins and racks. Examples of these are garden hoses, shovels, rakes, and even bicycles. By having hooks, you get to utilize your formerly blank wall space to great effect, while keeping a nice orderly aesthetic for your shed.


When used for organizing, pegboards work essentially like hooks. However, they arrange tools in a grid-like fashion, which makes for easy organizing and access. 

Pegboards are great for hand tools and small power tools that you may want to keep handy. Should you get the itch of building another wood shed or some other major DIY project, you can easily find your tools in a jiffy.


Bins are easy and cost-effective ways to store tools, supplies, and other knick-knacks you may have lying around haphazardly in your shed. They are great for sorting through and storing items according to their type, size, or purpose. Because they are stackable, they are relatively easy to find space for as well. 

Before buying your bins from your local store, it’s best to pre-sort your items. This helps you plan for the size and number of bins that you will need. Try to buy the exact same size and model of bins for easy stacking to help give your shed a more organized look. 

Use old peanut butter or jam jars

Your glass jars are great for containing tiny items, like screws, nails, and other hardware essentials. Because you can see right through them, it will be easy to see if they contain the items that you need. 

Wall-mounted racks

Your walls are free real-estate that isn’t usually used except for decoration. If you don’t like bins—or simply have not enough space from them—you can install wall-mount racks. These allow ready access to items that you constantly need, such as power tools and cleaning supplies. 

For an even cleaner look, you can make the shelves big enough to contain the bins themselves. You can then label the bins for easy access to their contents later! Provided that the bins fit the racks seamlessly, your shed will look very clean and organized.


A shed is very useful for storing items that would otherwise no longer fit in your garage or attic space. If you are so inclined, you can even use your shed for your very own workshop! 

However, without proper organization, your shed will get cluttered quickly, and finding the equipment that you may need will be a lot harder and more frustrating. By organizing your shed, you will be able to work much more efficiently and avoid any untoward accidents. 

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