5 Main Types of Small Storage Sheds You Can Build

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Having a small storage shed built for your needs and preferences can enhance your everyday living situation, especially nowadays when you are more likely stuck at home during the global pandemic. However, you need to determine what type of shed you are going to construct, allowing you to plan more effectively as you maximize your time and resources. This way, you can have main goals, enabling you to feel more motivated about your DIY project. Consider the following shed types for your yard: 

Barnyard-type small storage shed 

The miniature barn-type shed is one of the most popular due to its celebration of rustic style and charm. Most do come in a red color scheme, which is the most iconic. Nowadays, it depends on your choice and the overall aesthetics of your surroundings. For instance, you can opt for a coat of baby blue paint if you have pastel-colored house walls if you want to match the style. Just ensure you pay attention to the shed’s roof framing to build that classic arch. 

Saltbox small storage shed

If you are building a wood shed, you may want to consider the saltbox storage structure. It is simple and has an intriguing sloping roof, which is designed to add more space in the front for your convenience, allowing you to have some loft space. The best part is the dimensions are easy enough to sketch out, letting you build it faster than other designs. Just be mindful of shed roof construction and maintenance, especially during adverse weather conditions. 

Modern-style storage shed

Modern or contemporary-style sheds feature a minimalist interior, giving you the opportunity to add more customized touches from the inside. It can be like a holding place for your precious items, such as your golf clubs and traditional hunting rifles. Just pick out a safety lock to secure all your belongings, keep your paint selections simple, and don’t forget to consider your house’s exterior design. This is especially true if your shed is near it and may look out of place if it’s too visually prominent. 

Workshop storage shed 

Nothing says traditional and ergonomic like workshop storage shed, where all the power tools are stored. You can also use it as a space for placing your essentials for general housework, like gardening, deep cleaning, landscaping, and more. The key here is in the planning because you may end up not having enough storage. Thus, ensure you have space-saving solutions, such as cabinets and wall hooks. Don’t forget to devise an organized system to maintain order inside the shed. 

Tiny house-style storage sheds  

If you have been following the home construction trends, you may have heard of homeowners building tiny homes to take advantage of the associated convenience with minimalist living arrangements. The same movement has also impacted shed construction as many new builders put their skills to the test by building tinier storages with ergonomically reimagined functionalities. Due to the challenging nature of this kind of build, you may want to consider doing your research before embarking on this massive project. 


Building your own small storage shed can be a fulfilling yet challenging task. Thus, you need to identify what kind of shed you are going to construct. Consider all the shed types mentioned above, study the intricate details, and source the appropriate materials. Meanwhile, if you are still having doubts about your structure, check out what else we have in store for you! 

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