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5 Crucial Details to Work Out Before Building Your Shed

How to Build a Shed Out of Pallets
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Sheds can be a beautiful addition to your garden or yard. However, if you failed to make the proper preparations, you’re most likely headed for disaster. 

Building your own shed is an exciting project, but you have to hold your horses and think this project through! That way, you’ll be sure that the finished product from your efforts will turn up great. 

Before starting to buy all the materials for your shed, make sure to go through this list to cover all bases and avoid any mistakes down the line. 

1. The Dimensions 

It may not seem like it, but your shed still needs to follow certain specifications when it comes to the specific size of its structure. Your shed must not be taller than 4 meters and must be at least 2.5 meters away from the main house. Additionally, it should not occupy more than half of your yard because, otherwise, you need to seek planning permission for it. 

2. The Kind of Shed You Will Build 

You have two options when it comes to shed building: you can either build from scratch, or you can purchase a shed kit. 

The first option gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the design and choice of materials. More importantly, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you did it all on your own. The second option, on the other hand, slashes that creative freedom but makes up for it by being the stress-free and convenient option for building a shed.

You have to consider these key differences before you settle on building either kind. 

3. The Location

Ideally, the shed must have enough room to “breathe,” so placing it right against your garden fence is out of the question. Moreover, your current or future neighbor may have a problem with rainwater flowing from your gutter to their precious flower beds, or with your roof overextending and poking into their territory. 

You also want to avoid building too close to trees or their roots can find their way into your structure. 

Take all of these factors into consideration before you start working on your shed. 

4. The Base

Even though sheds are simple structures, they still require a solid foundation, much like any other structure. 

The first thing you have to do is level this ground. However, if you aren’t quite confident that you can do this all on your own, you can always hire someone else to do it. Getting help from experts can ensure that the job will be done properly. 

For the flooring, use pressure-treated wood rather than old plywood to make sure that your shed’s floors will be protected from wood rot and insects. As for the foundation, use solid concrete blocks and never hollow-cored decorative garden wall blocks. The latter is more prone to cracking under the weight of the shed—which could spell disaster for you later on!

5. The Roofing 

Roof felt is enough to keep your shed protected and dry, however, you must fit it properly. Additionally, you might also want to consider overlapping the sheets to ensure that the roof will be strong enough to withstand the weather. Use duct tape to hold the edges or else water can easily enter. 

Lastly, ensure that your roof is sloping and that its guttering does not drain into your neighbor’s yard! 


It’s not practical to buy materials you think you need before even having a plan in place. Before you head to the nearest hardware store, it’s best to think about the five important elements we mentioned above and work on your building plan. Once you’re all set and ready to go, that’s the time to start working! 

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