5 Awesome Man Cave Shed Ideas for Every Type of Man

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Building a wood shed can take up a lot of your time, energy, and resources. However, once it is done, you will eventually appreciate your hard work and realize the importance of having a shed and the benefits it can bring into your life. Whether you built it for storage purposes or any other function, a shed can provide convenience to your daily living.

For certain people who have specific hobbies, building a wood shed can be an excellent way for them to have a designated space in their home where they can freely do their hobbies or perform their tasks. Simply put, a shed can function as a man cave for men who have specific interests in their lives.

With that said, here are five DIY wood shed plans with different functions:

Shed Idea #1: Music Studio

If you love singing or playing various musical instruments, then why not build a music studio shed for yourself? This can be a great place where you can jam with your friends or relatives over the weekend or holidays. Remember to design a large-enough shed so that you can fit your bulky instruments and have room left for the entire band.

Things to remember:

  • Make your roofing and flooring water-proof
  • Make your shed sound-proof
  • Plan out your electrical wiring effectively

Shed Idea #2: Movie Theater

For movie geeks and enthusiasts, a shed designed to be a movie theater can be an excellent idea. Although you can watch your favorite movies in your bedroom or entertainment room inside the house, watching movies with your friends lounging on a comfy couch inside a dimly lit space is a whole different experience. If you also love playing video games, your shed can also double as a gaming room whenever you want.

Things to remember:

  • Place several comfy lounge chairs
  • Plan out your electrical wiring effectively
  • Block out your shed windows
  • Install an HVAC system for comfort

Shed Idea #3: Motorcycle Workshop

Making a designated place where you can store your motorcycle spare parts and equipment is a great idea for motorcycle enthusiasts. Turn your shed into an organized workshop where you can spend time with your buddy turning your motorcycle into a more sleek-looking vehicle.

Things to remember:

  • Build an adequate amount of storage cabinets and shelves
  • Plan out good lighting around the space
  • Install a highly durable and low-maintenance flooring
  • Open up several windows for good ventilation

Shed Idea #4: Home Office

For entrepreneurs or men who work from home, having a designated home office is extremely convenient and practical. If you work remotely, consider turning your shed into your home office where you can do your work tasks and hustle with little to no distractions at all.

Things to remember:

  • Design your shed comfortably
  • Make room for seating and a large desk
  • Install storage cabinets and shelves
  • Install an HVAC system for your comfort

Shed Idea #5: Barbeque Place

If you love inviting friends and relatives to come to your home for simple yet fun get-togethers, you should consider building a barbeque shed in your backyard. You can entertain your guests while you all enjoy a slice of good meat and several refreshing drinks. Aside from the savory food, you can also enjoy the beauty and the fresh air of the outdoors.

Things to remember:

  • Plan out a good ventilation system
  • Install decorative lighting and décor
  • Have sufficient storage cabinets and shelves for cooking equipment


A backyard shed in your home can function in many ways, depending on your needs or wants. Instead of making it an additional storage space for your excess possessions, why not turn it into a functional space where you can spend time enjoying your hobby or performing specific tasks? The possibilities are endless, so take these ideas and use them as your inspiration!

If you are interested in more DIY wood shed plans and wood shed designs, check out My Shed Plans today to see how we can help.