4-Step Guide to Building Your Own She Shed

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The trend of she sheds started many years ago, but now it’s officially here to stay! Busy women need their quiet reprieve from the world, too, which is why this backyard haven has come to be. If men have man caves filled with tinkering and mechanical wonder, she sheds are designed for women in need of their little getaways. Be it for work or just somewhere to read and rest, a she shed serves as the perfect safe space. 

Before finalizing your wood shed plans, take a look at these four simple steps to creating your outdoor oasis: 

Step #1: Paint it fresh

If you’re looking to convert an old potting shed into the she shed of your dreams, consider painting the entire space, starting with the exterior. Painting it a bright wide shade, including the floors, can give the old building a breath of fresh life. If white isn’t your color, try painting it with calming shades, including light blue and light yellow. Regardless of your color choice, the key is to make it look new once more!

Step #2: Keep it comfortable

The purpose of your she shed is for respite, so you’ll want it to be a place where you can feel pampered and relaxed. To that end, feel free to furnish it with pieces that feel serene and cozy. Place a daybed, for instance, and top it off with plenty of pillows. Bring in a matching carpet to give it a feel of extra comfort, as with a side table for your coffee or tea. 

Step #3: Decorate as you wish

The best part about building your own she shed is that you’re free to define it as you wish. Whatever your taste and aesthetic, don’t hold back and run wild with it—make it resemble a cottage by the sea, or perhaps a woodland fairytale castle. Incorporating a French door is one of the best woodshed door ideas people usually suggest, complete with a little patio. If you wish to decorate it as your own office space, bring in a small vintage desk and a comfortable chair to work from. Consider adding a mini pantry for some afternoon snacks, and a little coffee machine for when you need a caffeine fix. Your shed can also simply be just a quaint place to hang out. Convert it into a place where you can read books, paint, or your other passion projects—the key is to tune in to what you want the shed to be!

Step #4: Keep in touch with nature

As you ponder over possible wood shed designs, consider allowing your shed to feel like an extension of the outdoor space. This provides an airy, serene vibe, which can amp up to relaxation. You can incorporate floral print to bring the garden inside through floral printed decor or freshly picked flowers, or even add some live plants to care for within the space. Save up on splurging on decor by adding some window boxes on the walls—you can grow flowers and vines indoors, which will help bring more life into your little she shed. 


Building a wood she shed can be tough work, but the results will be well worth it. For the busy woman, having some space all to yourself can do wonders, especially if you’re in desperate need of alone time after a long day of work. In this little oasis, you have all the peace to recuperate. Bring a good book, brew some calming tea, and enjoy your stay!

Working on your wood shed building plans can be a hassle, especially if you have no experience! Fear not, this is why we’re here! Check out My Shed Plans today to get started.