4 Popular Locks for Shed Doors – What to Know

How to Frame a Shed
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Now that you have built your shed, it’s time to ensure that it is safe and secure. The best way to keep your shed secure is by purchasing the right lock, and there are various types of locks that you can choose from. 

If you’re building a wood shed, here are some of the most popular locks for shed doors: 

1. Rim Lock

A rim lock is fixed to the inside of the door with wood screws. It usually comes with a latch bolt or spring and a deadbolt. You can open and close the door without the need to lock the deadbolt. It is convenient to use and unobtrusive, making it one of the best types of shed door locks. 

2. Padlock

A padlock is the most common type of lock used for shed doors. What makes it popular is because you can use it for any shed door. When you choose to use a padlock, you need to have a hasp, which connects the shed door and allows the padlock to keep the door closed. 

3. Deadbolt

Perfect for wooden shed doors or doors with a thick and solid frame, deadbolts can provide more security compared to a padlock. As long as they are properly installed, the deadbolt can secure the shed at all times. Some shed owners will have a locksmith or a professional to install a deadbolt to be sure that it is installed correctly. A deadbolt will need a key on both sides for maximum security. 

4. Rim Latches

Another common shed door lock type used is rim latches. Also known as rim locks, they work similarly to a deadbolt. What sets it apart is that the hardware is installed inside the shed and on the door’s surface instead of within the door itself. It’s common to find rim latches installed to the door’s crossbeam for better structural stability.

How to choose a lock 

Now that you know the types of shed locks that are most popular, how do you know which lock to choose? 

The first thing is to consider the material of your shed. It’s because some locks will work better on certain materials. As mentioned, deadbolts are perfect for wooden sheds while a shed made of plastic or composite material will work better with a padlock. 

Next, you need to make sure that the lock is durable and can withstand elements. For example, you need to consider the weather conditions in your area. If it gets too humid, moisture can damage a cheap lock, which is why it’s not a good idea to get a cheap one. Instead, choose weather-resistant locks that can withstand all weather conditions. 

You can also combine your shed locks with additional security measures for better security. It would be a great idea to replace exterior hinge screws with nuts and washers and reinforce shed doors using steel or brass plates. 

For shed security, you might also want to consider seeking professional help for better peace of mind. 


When it comes to the type of lock for your shed door, making the right decision is crucial. These tips will help you determine the best lock to use for a shed that will guarantee maximum security. 

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