4 Good Practices for a Safe & Secure Shed – Our Guide

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Your shed houses thousands of dollars’ worth of items. That’s why it is crucial to ensure its robust security and safety. Otherwise, you risk damaging all the things inside and wasting money. Luckily, fortifying your shed’s security and safety doesn’t need you to shell out a hefty sum of money. 

It is vital to reinforce your shed as the risk of damaging or losing the items inside is more costly than its fortification. In the article, we’ll talk about four good practices you can do to increase your shed’s security without breaking the bank.

1) Check its structural integrity

Robbers might be tempted to steal from your shed through its most vulnerable spots. It could be damaged areas that are easy to break into or structural weak points that are easy to destroy like joints. Invest in repairing small damages to avoid giving thieves easy access points to enter your shed and loot whatever’s inside.

Check the conditions of your window’s hooks and latches. Repair or replace them if they’re not structurally sound anymore. You can use tamper-proof screws to increase the difficulty of breaking in. Thorny bushes beside windows are also excellent deterrents for thieves who want to have it easy. 

2) Update to stronger accessories

Unsecure sheds have easy-to-break padlocks that are easy to destroy. Invest in a weather-proof lock, preferably the closed-shackle variants, to increase the difficulty of securing access inside your shed. In doing so, it might deter them from pushing through with the burglary if it takes too much time. 

Your door’s hinges need to be replaced if it has become loose or exposed, which can be tampered and destroyed by thieves. Purchase coach bolts or carriage screws to install new door hinges, which can’t be easily unscrewed by those with ulterior motives. 

3) Install lighting for increased visibility

In most farmhouse shed burglaries, thieves get attracted to the dimly-lit environment near the shed. It makes sneaky attempts in looting more successful since there are no lights to let property owners see what’s happening. With that said, it is best to invest in proper lighting inside your shed and the area around it. 

If you have some extra budget, you can buy a motion-detector sensor, which activates a security light in case intruders manage to step on it. They don’t require a workforce, so you no longer need to continually check outside your windows to keep watch of your shed. 

4) Cover any transparent glass 

Uncovered glass surfaces like windows make it easy to spot loot-worthy items. Once thieves see things worth a thousand dollars, it is easy to decide to make your shed their target for their current operations. 

Invest in low-maintenance privacy films that increase your shed’s privacy. In doing so, it will be hard for burglars to see inside unless they use a flashlight. In doing so, they risk getting caught with the suspicious light. 


Congratulations! You have learned four actionable tips you can do to increase your shed’s security. These are vital to do so to protect your investments housed by your shed. Otherwise, you’ll end being a charitable person giving all your properties away to thieves.

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