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3 Tips to Moving a Storage Shed – What to Know

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If you’re renovating your backyard or moving into a new home, that means you’ll need to find ways to move your shed and find a new placement for your DIY, woodworking needs. There are different reasons to change the position of your shed, and fortunately, you don’t need to dismantle everything to rebuild it from the ground up to do it. 

Moving a shed requires the same factors you need to consider when building it, such as the logistics, the site level, plus the equipment you are going to use to lift and transport it. While it isn’t necessarily easy as pie, the process can be relatively straightforward so long as you don’t have any electric wiring or water attached to the shed. 

Tip #1: Prepare the Site and Empty the Contents of the Shed 

Before anything else, you need to prepare the site by getting all equipment out of your shed since it needs to be light enough to carry. Dust off any loose debris and hose it down till no dirt is left as a cloud of dust bunnies can obstruct your view when moving the shed from one site to another, making it an extremely hazardous situation. 

After cleaning up, be sure that the ground is level by removing any rocks and other debris that can compromise your move due to unsettled grounds. 

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Equipment 

There are two ways you can handle moving a storage shed: 

Tracks and PVC Pipe

If you’re a DIYer who doesn’t have the budget to rent a small forklift or mini crane, then the chances are you have to make the most of what you can do using wooden dowels, PVC pipes, and a bunch of rounded poles. 

The process takes a bit of back-breaking effort as it requires you to place PVC pipes underneath the shed and lift it using hydraulic jacks. After doing the heavy lifting, you can put it on the rollers, and it’s easy to work from then one as all you need to do is push it until you get to the designated spot. 

Of course, it’s virtually impossible to do on your own, especially if you have an ample storage shed. If you want to ease and speed up the process, ask help from your friends as you will need people in the back to push, while others need to move the roller from the back to the front to create a seamless move. 

A Small Forklift 

If you somehow have access to a small forklift, then you’re in luck as it will be the easiest method since it can do the heavy lifting for you. However, the process still isn’t as simple as it seems since you need to do your homework on proper driving techniques when using forklift vehicles. 

Having a forklift doesn’t mean you can do this project solo either as driving the vehicle often obscures plenty of your visibility, so be sure to have some extra set of eyes checking for any potential obstacles in your way. 

Tip #3: Secure Your Shed in its New Place

Moving a shed doesn’t just involve dumping it onto the new site and leaving it. You need to secure the shed to ensure it stays in place even under inclement weather. If you don’t have a level, concrete base, just be sure to have an even foundation and tie down the shed to the ground to keep harsh winds from knocking it out of place. 

The Bottom Line 

Moving a shed may seem like an impossible task, but it’s possible with a few simple tricks. With that being said, the guide above should clue you in on how to move your storage shed even with limited equipment on-hand. 

If you’re looking for more comprehensive tips, tutorials, and custom plans for your dream wood shed, check out My Shed Plans to learn more about shed building.