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3-Step Guide For Building a Concrete Foundation For Your Shed

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Building your own shed is an incredibly popular project to push through, whether it’s for DIY beginners or enthusiasts. Just like all DIY projects, however, the key to fulfilling a particular project is following a plan, without which can be just an incredible waste of time and money.

The basics of building any structure are in the foundation plans. Prepping the building area for your shed requires a solid foundation—and there is no better or more affordable than solid concrete. Working with concrete is simple, but the appropriate process must be followed to properly set it for your upcoming shed.

To help you in this regard, here is a quick three-step process in order to help build a concrete foundation for your shed.

Preparing the ground

Preparing the area you’re going to be working on involves more than simply cleaning out the possible obstructions. Before starting your concrete laying process, you must first test the ground’s “firmness” to assure that your laid-out concrete will last for a long time.

To determine that factor, simply use a 2-inch square post and drive it to the ground—once you’ve passed six inches, it should be difficult to keep going on. If the ground is difficult to punch through, then it can be considered firm enough for your shed foundation.

If, however, it’s not firm enough, then you’ll have to dig even deeper. Simply take off the top four inches of the ground spanning at least two feet bigger on all sides from the estimated wall boundaries of your shed. Once done, fill the area with scalpings (crushed stone aggregate) or broken brick hardcore. Make sure it is as compact and as level as possible to avoid cracking your concrete once everything is done.

Constructing the Timber Form

When purchasing the timber, ensure to have some extra for any emergency needs. Aside from that, have the timber cut at least a foot wider and longer than that of the base in order to build your timber form for the concrete.

Position your timber in the form of the base and hammer in some 2-inch posts along the perimeter. Use a spirit level to keep everything level—this is crucial for the durability of your concrete foundation. Aside from that, assure that all corners form a 90-degree angle from end-to-end. Make adjustments as necessary until you form a perfect square.

Once done, saw off any portions of the posts that exceed the boards, as it will make it easier later on when tamping the concrete.

Laying the concrete

Before the final step of the process, pour in a layer of sand in the base to protect your damp proof membrane. Lay the polyethylene damp proof membrane on top and ensure that all the corners are tightly secured.

After all this, it’s time to start pouring your concrete in the form. Once all the concrete is in, lay a piece of timber on top and wiggle it to smooth the surface out. Do it all over the surface of your concrete to make sure it’s level and evenly distributed throughout the frame. Tap on the frame of the board to help settle the concrete even further.


Preparing a concrete shed foundation for your shed is a simple process, for as long as you lay the groundwork properly. By doing so, you assure the best results for your shed, helping it last as long as possible for all your needs and purposes.

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