3 Reasons You Should Build A Pent Shed In Your Garden

garden shed
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Building a wood shed in your garden is a simple, practical way to create more storage space for your garden essentials or house your various outdoor projects. A well-built garden shed can be a mainstay in your home for many, many years.

Before you start making plans or purchasing materials, one of the first things you need to consider is what type of roof to choose.

Pent Vs. Apex Sheds

An apex shed roof consists of two slopes that meet at the highest point in the middle of the roof. This is a traditional, classic roof, the type that likely comes to mind when you first imagine a shed.

On the other hand, a pent roof has a single slope running down from one high point. This is a more modern, contemporary option. Some pent roofs look flat from afar, but all pent sheds are always sloped in a minute gradient to ensure that rainwater will always run off.

Here are three reasons why you should build a pent shed in your garden:

1. Control The Height

As you start making plans for your garden shed, you need to find out your size requirements. Take a look around your backyard and measure your space accurately. You should also check in with your local homeowners’ association to find out if they impose limits on the heights of newly-built structures on your property.

If you have a compact space and you need to put your shed up against a fence or even the wall of your house, a pent roof is the perfect choice for you. The high end of the roof can begin at the wall attachment and slope downward to the ideal entrance height. If local regulations call for shorter structures, a pent shed will work wonderfully.

2. Angled Roof

You don’t have to worry about moisture issues or water damage if you build a pent shed. The slightly angled roof allows rainwater and melted snow to flow down and onto safer ground. If you live in an area that experiences heavy precipitation, you can even add simple guttering to your shed to make sure the structure remains safe no matter what Mother Nature does outside.

3. Extra Storage

One of the main reasons why most people build sheds in their garden is for extra storage. You can build your pent shed to the exact dimensions that will house your gardening accessories and any other machinery or equipment you need to store in it. You can even use the shed as a workshop or a DIY space. You can make your pent shed as large or as small as you want—it’s all up to you!

Having extra storage outdoors is tremendously helpful in making your home and your garden look cleaner and more welcoming to guests. A well-designed pent shed is a fantastic addition to your garden and backyard.


If you want to build a shed in your garden, consider a pent shed. The sloped roof will keep the structure safe, and the overall structure can slot into a corner of your garden with very little fuss. Whether you use it simply for storage, as a greenhouse, or your DIY spot, a pent shed is a fantastic choice for you!

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