3 Factors that Tell You It’s Time to Build a New Barn Shed

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Taking on different kinds of farm improvement projects does come with its perks and accomplishments, especially when all your equipment is there to serve you. At the center of crucial equipment is having a nice barn shed that caters to your project needs. It could be for raising different kinds of livestock or simply having a place to stock valuable equipment like power tools or tractors.

Farms sheds have always been a reliable space for doing different projects. However, even the landscape for classic sheds and farming is changing. Climate change and adapting to new building protocols have pressured farm owners everywhere to look into an update for all their equipment and facilities. This includes the classic barn shed that they all know and love. 

But when exactly is the time to upgrade or build a new barn? Consider looking into these three barn inspection points to decide whether or not it’s time to make that barn change. 

Old design 

We are all familiar with the classic red barn that is found on most farms. You may have looked into how to make a shed roof and done the whole barn yourself. Easy wood shed plans were the name of the farming game back then. This is because everyone had the tools to do so, and it was worth the time and effort to execute. However, these same classic barns are now deteriorating due to the years of punishment and lack of upkeep it needs to stay intact. 

Building a woodshed nowadays needs anti-water damage protocols and anti-wood rot maintenance that account for the harsh rain and intense sunlight. Wood is definitely going to rot and weaken over the years when it is the primary material for any classic barn shed. Therefore, updating the barn design and also upgrading the materials should be the solution. 

Remember that barn sheds now are built to last longer than their DIY counterparts. Be sure to get yourself acquainted with the new shed building tools, plans, and services that can make you a shed that is not only worth the change but the investment for your farming. 

No longer reliable

Old barn sheds are not only unfit to withstand the new harsh weather conditions and rot from the inside. They are also no longer reliable as the latest farming methods and tools have also changed. One of the most notable factors is in the amount of space in the shed. When you may have built your first shed, you were only operating in a smaller quantity than you are now. You then grew and now lack the supply space to put in all your new equipment. 

Newer barns are not only bigger or have more space but there are systems or new space-savings techniques that are integrated into the modern shed. You can ask for a foldable shelf or sliding doors, for example, that can save your space as you work and keep your farm equipment organized. Look into updated shed plans and concern yourself with the new and improved reliable farm sheds of today.

Leaks and cracks everywhere

Your old barn shed may still look to be standing and reliable on the outside, but what’s on the inside may open your eyes to the reality of its condition. As mentioned earlier, classic barn sheds have suffered from water damage and the harsh weather conditions. This may also lead to leaks or cracks found in the shed roof, walls, and doors. There are even barn sheds that are barely holding their structure together due to the decaying wood pillars that are gradually rotting from the inside. 

An updated barn shed is now made of either conditioned wood or new materials that are built to last. Shed contractors often account for the climate in your area and recommend a specific kind of shed building material or structure that is suited for the weather. They can also put reinforced roofing or walls that don’t deteriorate easily. 


Gone are the days of the classic barn shed. You need to make sure that you can invest in a shed that will be there for a long time. Consider building a new shed that will be a valuable partner in your home and DIY projects in the long run. 

We are here to make sure you are building a woodshed you can be proud of! Check out My Shed Plans today to see how we can help.