The Easy Way to Level Your Base on Uneven Ground

tiny shed on a hill
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If you ask any professional, they will tell you that it is quite difficult to construct a completely leveled base no matter the wood shed plan. And in reality, many residential gardens are constructed on uneven and steep terrain. However, a leveled base should always be prioritized so that your shed will be sturdy and stable enough to withstand time and changing seasons. So while the ground beneath the foundation might be slanted, the base itself must be precisely leveled.

Challenges aside, there are ways to get around such construction issues. Here’s the easy way to level your base on uneven ground:

Use Concrete Blocks for Your Foundation

Concrete foundation blocks are the most dependable option to create a shed base on uneven terrain. While some people prefer gravel, hardscape, or even plastic tiles, we favor concrete blocks because they are sturdy and strong, flexible, and available in a variety of sizes. They are also stackable, perfect for improved support structure. Furthermore, they are the cheapest alternative to build a shed.

Get the Job Done

To get the job done, you must first be well-equipped. Make sure you have the following items on hand for the entire process:

  • Concrete foundation blocks
  • A shovel
  • A tape measure
  • Pegs and string
  • Set square
  • Pressure-treated timber planks
  • Hammer
  • Nails 

Step 1: Steer clear of weeds

Before anything, you must clear the path. This way, you also get to see the full size of the area you’re working with. Remove grass, weeds, and bushes. Meanwhile, keep trees as much as you can! Once you cleared them out, set up the perfect spot for your base. 

Step 2: Mark your territory

Your foundation or base should be 12-16 inches (30-40cm) bigger on all sides than the shed’s exterior measurements. Assuming you know the measurements of your base, mark out the area with a tape measure, pegs, and thread.

Step 3: Keep leveling the ground

Dig the top layer of the earth as level as possible using your shovel. Lay wooden boards over the dirt to draw attention to the uneven spots. Remove extra soil from ‘peaks’ (areas that are excessively high) and/or re-lay in ‘troughs’ (areas that are too low) with your shovel. To effectively spread the weight of the base equally, measure four rows of three concrete blocks.

Step 4: Don’t scrimp on the weed membrane

If there’s a way to extend the lifespan of your shed base, it’s applying weed liberally. This effectively prevents weeds from growing through and around the shed base. We recommend applying the first layer in one direction and the second layer in the other direction. It’s a proven technique to halt weeds in their tracks to ensure that the shed can remain in place securely for many years to come.

Step 5: Nail it down

Before you proceed, use your set square to check if the surface is leveled properly. Once done, you can begin constructing the shed base by adding blocks. As you lay the base, use the hammer to nail it to the timber planks from one end to the other to maintain stability.

Step 6: Fill the gaps

To minimize any form of slumping, ensure that the blocks support the timber bearers at regular intervals, particularly in the center of the floor. Use pea gravel to fill the gaps between the blocks to create a flat pad. This adds some more stability while also preventing anything from settling beneath the structure. Once this is accomplished, you’re good to go for further construction!


Perhaps, some house projects can be accomplished with the right tools, patience, and time. Although, these types of tasks are not recommended for children or the elderly. Fortunately, you can always opt to take the safer option and ask the guidance of a professional. Soon, you’ll learn on your own and level up your home construction skills!

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