What to Know About Picking a Color for Your Garden Shed

gray shed
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While having a garden shed constructed sounds rather straightforward, there are actually several things that go into it. Wood shed door ideas alone can lead to multiple variables. 

A lot of it depends on resource capabilities, including space. Another decision that needs to be made aside from choosing from wood shed designs is the color.

A key benefit of the garden shed is giving the landscape and overall home more aesthetic appeal. For this to occur, artistry and creativity need to come into play through color choice. That way, it will also be able to match your home and garden well.

Read on for what to know on picking a garden color shed for your home:

Figure Out Which Timber Finish Is Best for Your Needs: Paint or Stain?

Garden shed contractors should ask themselves this question early on. Timber finishes can be done through multiple techniques. They can either be painted or stained. When paint is used, there is an opaque finish that comes about as a result. Wood grains are covered absolutely, leading the garden shed to a unique finish. 

Staining, on the other hand, involves semi-transparent or transparent substances that give the timber a theme and unique finish. Wood grains end up showing through, but in a more muted, minimalist way.

If you’re looking for a rustic feel, a good way to go is through staining. Stains will also help to emphasize the style and simplicity of wood construction, affecting garden rooms in a major, positive way. Colored stains can help to create a warm feel, with lime-wash and pale neutrals. 

Paint with strong colors will be able to push forward a style statement. It will help a building to stand out in order to have its own theme.

Know the Local Laws and Limits

Picking out color schemes that will best match your garden shed will definitely have an element of fun. However, you should know just how far you can go before the journey even begins. 

There are sure to be laws and regulatory structures when it comes to constructing and decorating the garden structure. Look over those carefully so you can be sure to comply. 

Is your home location within a listed building or conservation area? If so, authorities probably have restrictions in place that you should be aware of. Some of these restrictions will probably revolve around maintaining a certain look and feel, including matching the colors of the surrounding structures to the area in question.

Pick a Color That Will Make It Stand Out

When you have a garden shed, it needs to be the focal point of your garden setup. The tone has to match other garden features. There are several colors that can serve this purpose. Among them are greens, light creams, and pale pastels.


The term ‘garden shed’ may sound like a simple construction job, but there’s more to it than that. Among other things, there are laws and regulations on the structure, including color choices. Before picking a color, make sure you know how far things can go. Afterward, figure out which timber finish is best, and be sure to pick a color that will make your shed the focal point of the area.

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