How to Transform Your Outdoor Shed Into a Hobby Den

what to put on shed floor
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Having a comfortable place outside your house helps keep your sanity in check, especially if you live in a household with many people. If you have a shed in the yard that is just there to store your equipment, then it’s probably time to turn it into something more useful—a den. But where do you begin with the transformation?

Connect Electricity Safely

Connecting your shed to power is a must if you want to turn it into a den. However, before you take out your tools to do this, if you don’t have electrical experience, it’s best to hire an electrician instead. 

Typically, an armored supply cable will be used to transfer power from the house to the shed, which will require digging of at least one foot deep into the ground. On the other hand, if you don’t want to alter your garden for this, you can do the popular alternative, Pyro, which is widely used by homeowners who have gardens. The pyro can be mounted on the surface, usually on a garden wall or a perimeter fence. 

Insulate and Sound Proof the Shed

When you have the power running in the shed, it’s time to work on its insulation. Use adhesive, mechanical fusing, and plasterboard to ensure proper insulation of the walls, ceiling, and floor. Fill, tape, and sand the dryline joints to finish the job. 


Now that you have a shed with power, proper insulation, and is soundproof, how do you want to use it? It’s time to turn your shed into exactly what you want it to be. Are you still looking for den ideas? Here are some popular ones that you might want to do: 

  • Man cave – one of the popular shed den ideas today is to turn it into a man cave. Dads need a place for their toys and hobbies after all. If you want to make a man cave, you need to have a great audio-visual system. Consider investing in a flat-screen TV and an excellent surround sound speaker system to go with it. Make the man cave even more functional by adding a portable bar or a fridge in the shed. To ensure maximum comfort, invest in comfortable chairs as well. When you’re all set up, don’t forget to decorate the walls with your favorite stuff, or perhaps, put up some neon signs for the ultimate man cave vibe. 
  • Craft room – if you’re not into the man cave idea and you want to use the shed for other things, such as exploring your creative side, then you can turn your shed into a craft room instead. For a craft room, there should be proper accessibility, which means that all materials that you need for your project should be within your reach. At the same time, your materials must be properly organized as well. Use the space in the shed to install shelves and other storage spaces to keep your supplies organized. 


The last thing to do for your shed transformation is to make sure that it is secure. How do you want to secure it? A simple security solution would be to use a padlock, or you can get a digital lock and perhaps invest in CCTV cameras to monitor your shed even when you’re not around. 


Turning a shed into a den is a fun and exciting project. Your shed can be your safe and personal space in the house, and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to go out to be on your own and enjoy the things that you love. The tips listed here will help you turn your shed into a den for your personal use. 

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