How to Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations in a Shed

Christmas decorations
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Holiday seasons are fun and all, but the work that comes after is nothing short of a nightmare for many. With all the decorations to put away, you might be wondering if it is even worth putting them up in the first place.

That said, we recommend that you do put them up for the sake of the holiday spirit. Nothing gets you in the mood for some fun and excitement better than a home themed for the holidays. However, if you are worried about the upcoming work that you will have to do, you can now take a sigh of relief. The nightmare that is to follow can easily be turned into a minor obstacle with some pre-planning, and the better you prepare, the easier it will be to store everything away!

If you have a shed, then you are in luck. In this article, we will talk about exactly how you can use your shed to easily put your holiday decorations away.

1. Get a tackle box

If you love fishing, you may have a few of these lying around. If not, you can pick some of these at the nearest fishing store near you. A tackle box lets you neatly store all the hooks you need to hang your decorations. You can also use it to store anything else that can easily get lost, such as extra bulbs and the like. They are compartmentalized as well, making it easier to separate small items from others for easy access.

2. Buy some containers

You can use containers for pretty much all your decorations, like storing delicate and bulky items. The best thing about containers is that some of them are see-through, meaning you do not have to open up the lid to see what is inside. This makes storing and accessing holiday decorations much easier, and it protects them from dust and other objects in the shed.

3. Grab some cellophane

Some decorations, like candles, can warp and change shape with temperature fluctuations that can be quite common this season. To protect these items from deforming, you can wrap them in cellophane and then put them in containers in your shed. If you need more protection for these items, you can store them in climate-controlled areas.

4. Use the used wrappers

With all the gifts that are about to be unwrapped in your home, the pile of torn wrappers might seem like a waste. Fortunately, they can still be useful. You can use these wrapping papers when storing fragile objects in containers to prevent them from breaking, cracking, or shattering. You can also use the wrapping paper inside boxes to act as a cushion if something hits it.


There are so many ways you can store holiday decorations in your shed, from setting up containers for storage to building high shelves for storing more stuff. Follow the tips we have shared with you when putting away your decorations, and remember to prepare before the holiday season even starts.

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