How to Build a Secure Bike Shed

Secure Bike Shed
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There are different ways and methods for building a bike shed. But to keep it manually simple, you need to begin by looking at the procedure that you need to follow while making. Here are some of the ways with which you can get detailed ideas regarding the materials required and the method that needs to be followed to build a suitable bike shed. You can get the exact steps in a very understandable way. Furthermore, the process of building a shed on your own is a fun task as it is nothing in the beginning, but in the end, it turns to a beautiful and useful thing.

First Step – Tools and Materials

While starting with the secure bike shed building, you need general woodworking tools, which include power tools also. While selecting materials, make sure that you have 50x75mm sawn timber, which is perfect for framing. There should be 50x150mm sawn timber for using them on the roof. Here are some of the essential materials:

  • Nails and Screws of general quality
  • General Bolts/washers and nuts
  • Handrail fittings
  • Scaffold poles
  • Heavy-duty gate wheel and hinges
  • Shed roofing material
  • Handrail fittings
  • Shuttering and sheeting
  • Stainless steel rod, shuttering ply, and discs

Second step – Design

After choosing the suitable tools and material, you need to finalize the design. While selecting the design, make sure that it should be simple and reliable. You can opt for supportive pole fitting that is mainly used for railing applications. It is also easier to make a sliding pole and afinish pole arrangement for holding the roof up from the open end. The bike can be slide out from the open area, and this area can also become a place to work on the bikes.

Third step – Walls

The bike shed should be solid and secure enough to store expensive bikes. You can make the panels that are framed with 50x75mm regulated timber. Generally, the joints used are simple butt joints that are fixed with the use of screws. You can split the side walls in half to make panels more manageable and bolt them together with four coach bolts and nuts.

Forth Step – Roof                                    

If you want a visually light roof to the open section, then you can use 50x150mm timber. You should avoid the rounded corner look of the timber to make the external look sharper. You can cut it in two purlins to support the lower section of the roof.

Usually, these need to be vertical in section, and to make it look light, you can lay them flat on the roof pitch. With this, you can get plenty of timber to fix the scaffolding and for fixing the roof OSB sheeting.

Fifth step – Door Frame

The door of the shed should be under the area of the roof with a shape right up to the ridge, allows the bikes to slide out. You can use 50x150mm timber to match the ridge and purlin timbers. The frame has to be well constructed that allows it to be dismantled and to add rigidity to the structure.

Sixth Step – Door

The door needs to be hinged from the backside to open as a back wall gives easy access to the storage on the inside of the door. It needs to go right up into the roof space to close the space off for security. You can use 50×70 timbers to form the grid framework. The width should be split up with four vertical timbers, and the joints need to be glued and screwed. These are the necessary steps that you can use to make your own bike shed. With these easy steps, you can build a suitable bike wardrobe though the ideas of feet, doors, roof and even the tools are really useful to handle your own project. Maybe these steps can help you to go smoothly with the building of shed.

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