Garden Shed 101: Choosing The Best Shed Style for Your Property

inside of a shed
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For many homeowners, the primary motivation for having and maintaining a garden is to store garden equipment, but there are actually better reasons for having a shed. Having your own garden shed has so many uses, including doubling as a workshop, a playhouse, or even a detached office. Whatever your purpose is for wanting a shed, you need to choose the best style for you. Here are some wood shed designs and styles you should consider building for your garden.

Gambrel or Barn Shed

This type of shed is aesthetically pleasing for any outdoor area. Whenever you imagine a farm or a barn, this type of shed is what comes to mind. Gambrel sheds have a rood style that includes two different slopes to give it an old-fashioned barn look. Although it’s significantly smaller than an actual barn, this shed offers plenty of outdoor storage options. If you’re fond of that classic barn look with extra overhead storage space, this is a match for you.

Gable Shed

The gable shed is an economical choice for a backyard shed. It features a spacious room that’s big enough to accommodate several tools and garden equipment. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to build a shed, this might be it.

Lean-to or Mono-Slope Shed

This is the most unique-looking design among the other styles in this list. As its name suggests, the shed features only one slope to the roof of the shed. This allows for more head and storage space at one end of the building while ensuring the inside is protected from heavy elements because of its unique single sloped-roof.

Saltbox or Quaker Shed

Unlike a mono slope, a quaker shed features double slopes that are longer on the back with a shorter overhang roof in the front. It’s common to see stylish windows with shutters on a quaker shed, giving it a pleasing appearance. Saltbox and quaker sheds vary in size, including length and depth.

New England Shed

New England-style sheds are typically larger than some of the other sheds here. They blend classic architectural elements with clean lines to complete its overall aesthetic. Since they’re larger than most sheds, it boasts more than enough space to carry all your tools and equipment.

Common Shed Materials

Most sheds are made from wooden materials as it is the traditional way to build them. However, you can also use other materials depending on your need. Metal, wood, vinyl, plastic, and even fabric materials can be used when constructing garden sheds. 

Choosing the right material depends on your regional climate, budget, location, and the purpose for building your shed. It helps to consider the pros and cons of plastic sheds, wooden sheds, or even metal ones when selecting a building material. 


Building a garden shed is an excellent investment if you want to add some storage space for your tools and heavy equipment. It’s just amazing how versatile these small buildings are. If you’re interested in building a shed in your home, it’s best to contact an expert shed builder.

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