Excellent Colors to Paint Your Property’s Shed With

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Building your own shed can be quite a fulfilling experience, especially since you pick up quite a bit of new knowledge. However, half of the fun comes with learning and planning before the actual application of it all. One of the mundane things that you’ll need to make a decision about is what color your shed is going to be. 

It isn’t necessary to paint your shed since the plain wooden finish can have some form of charm. However, if you want to personalize the look of it a little better, color is a great way to do so.  There are several ways you can go about your shed’s hue since you could paint it to have the structure blend in, stand out or match the rest of your property.

It’s up to you and your personal preference on how the shed will turn out looking. Here are some top suggestions on what colors you can paint your shed as:

1) Neutral

If you’ve always been a big believer in something a little more modern or classy, a neutral color palette may be the best way to go. You could also go with the most neutral shades of white, black, and brown, though you may have to be wary of any dirt that might stand out on it.

Muted colors that are either on the warm or cool tone side of the spectrum can work perfectly with this as well. A dusty blue or a mellow green can look quite appealing, blending in with the rest of your yard’s landscape. 

2) Bold

Some people want to go the complete opposite of muted colors, maximizing the vibrancy rather than going for something more minimal. Bold colors like neon yellow or bright pink can make your shed stand out on your property.

It could be good to match the boldness of your shed’s color to other elements in your backyard. For example, if you have any striking red roses in the garden, you may want your shed to emulate that same color and intensity.

3) Monochrome

Having a monochrome palette can be rather aesthetically pleasing since it will be able to seem quite cohesive to any eye. Using different shades that vary between white, peach, orange, and a lighter brown can seem quite calming to look at. If that color scheme matches the hue of your home, then it’ll look even more like a statement color that your property will be remembered for.

4) Color Combinations

Choosing fun color combinations can be quite lovely since one can bring out the other’s beauty thanks to contrast. For example, having a blue and orange that are on opposite sides of the color spectrum in terms of tone can complement each other, bringing out the best of your shed. You could also try that dynamic of light and dark in color.

5) Subdued Pastels

When you’re looking for something a little different from any of the choices so far, subdued pastels are your ideal match. Looking for that lavender and mint paint to put on your shed shouldn’t be too hard, and it can be quite satisfying when it finally dries down. Plus, subdued hues are known to weather a little better as they don’t fade as quickly as others.


Whatever shade your shed ends up in should be something that you’ll find quite appealing. After all, building the shed can be quite the process. You deserve something that you’ll like for the hard work and time you put into this project.

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